Back to the Basics Bootcamp


My Four Week Framework to Building Routines and Creating Systems for More Balance in a Busy Life

If you're like me, you've probably...

  • Found that you're not prioritizing or giving into mindless activities for hours, then left with “no time” to do important things 
  • Struggled to correctly estimate the time it takes to do each task and then felt overwhelmed
  • Had the best intentions to stay focused and be productive but still end up distracted by checking Facebook
  • Avoided asking for help never asking for help and tried to do all yourself
  • Had a hard time saying "no" only to end up totally overcommitted

Look, sista. I see you out there. Hustlin and strugglin. But to really make it, to really thrive in today's insanely loud, crazy, and busy world, you need to:

  • Create an action plan and a strategy sustaining a more a disciplined and stress free daily life
  • Understand and implement useful, proven strategies to manage your minutes and maximize your time
  • Choose organization and decluttering disciplines that actually last
  • Stop trying to do this alone! You do not have to be superwoman

I know. You're stressed and struggling. I get it.

> You're trying to get organized and simplify 

> You're battling burnout and distractions out the wazoo

> And you're tired of trying to crack the code on not just getting disciplined by staying disciplined on your own

But you DON'T have to figure this out alone. 

Whether you're navigating a big life transition... ...wondering how to discipline yourself when it comes to routines ...or you're just not sure how to start simplifying or organizing (and make it stick!)

I'm here to show you the simple fraemwork (broken up into four easy-to-implement stages) to set up manageable systems and routines in your busy life. You just gotta be ready to do the work.

Hey Sista.

I'm Jordan.

When I first got married, we basically had zero money. So, I started hustling, hard. At the time, I had a small business creating very inconsistent income. I picked up photography gigs wherever I could, which led to traveling 20+ times in one year, began blogging and creating content online, and did anything I could to pull my weight.  

I couldn't get off the hampster wheel of hustle and burn out... Eventually, I hit a wall. Two years in, I looked around to see that while I was so busy I had unknowingly neglected so many little areas of my life...  

I worked hard but lacked consistency, discipline, routine, and intentionality. I felt like I was rarely productive and constantly distracted.

So, I set out on a month long journey to reclaiming order and discipline over the areas of my life I'd overlooked during those two years I was so overwhelmed.  

I simply made myself a plan to follow and focused on one thing each day. I'm not kidding, it was a game changer. I stopped waking up feeling like weight was sitting on y chest. I'm now more present, more productive, practically priortize rest, and have sustainable routines I can rely on.

Now, I've packaged up that plan and I'm passing it on to you...and walking you through it, step by step, day by day in this bootcamp.  

This course will help you find not only which seemingly basic, but critically important, areas of your life you may be overlooking but will also show you exactly how to take the right steps toward more order and less stress so you can get back to really living your life.  

So, tell me, what would life look like if...  

  • You stopped struggling with distraction and instead started being more productive?
  • You had real routines and systems within your home, your schedule, and even your relationships that worked for YOU (instead of feeling like you're constantly working to keep up)?
  • You could finally work toward your goals with a clear head and kick-butt plan? 

With Back to the Basics Bootcamp this can be your reality in just a matter of weeks...

Back to the Basics Bootcamp isn't just a typical "download and forget it" course that you've tried a million times.  

This is a step by step framework designed to hand you systems you can implement immediately.  

Not only will you learn strategies to building sustainable routines into your life, but you'll also be able to pinpoint where you're going wrong and take actionable steps toward lasting solutions.

END RESULT: If you commit and do the work, you'll begin to see change fast. From a more orderly living space and a clearer head to maximum productivity paired with consistent rest, you'll find balance instead of the burnout you're currently feeling.


PHASE 1: Manage Your Time Like a Boss

Real change starts with how you manage your most valuable resource: time.  

Through 9 training modules, we'll work through ways to avoid overcommitting yourself, learn how to tackle stress and overwhelm by simplifying your schedule, and more.

Using proven techniques and strategies I've used personally, we'll work toward the disciplines and mindset needed for a simplified schedule and more productive life. 

PHASE 2: Declutter Your Environment & Clear Your Mind

Consider this your road map to navigating those piles you your house, in your inbox, and more.  

In these 9 modules, we'll get crystal clear on step by step organization and decluttering techniques. On top of that, we'll implement frameworks for how to not only get organized but STAY organized long after the initial clean up.  

With this clarity of mind, you'll go from desperate & overwhelmed to decluttered and organized. BOOM.

PHASE 3: Rock Your Physical Health Disciplines  

Realistic Routines?!  


6 modules to crack the code and bust through the pressure to be a fitness model because that's not the goal, sista. Here we'll start tackling inconsistencies, optimize your free time, and start getting you into a rhythm you can actually keep up with (instead of giving up on).  

Learn how to follow through on your health goals when you're losing motivation, create a realistic routines that get results, and care for your overall health (not just the # on the scale)..

PHASE 4: Balance Your Relationships & Responsibilities  

The days of struggling to balance your most important relationships and most pressing responsibilities are soo over.

In these 6 modules, I'll teach you how to strategically priortize your social life without feeling like you're falling behind in your tasks, to dos, and obligations.  

Worried about hurting your friends when you have to say no? Feel the pressure to always be available?  

No sweat! In this module, we'll learn how to tackle all of those fears so that you can love your friends AND stay focused! 

Back to the Basics is RIGHT for you if...

  • You find that you tend to overcommit yourself or say "yes" to too many things
  • You often get distracted even when you intend to be productive
  •  You're tired of incorrectly estimating how long tasks will take only to end up feeling overwhelmed 
  •  You lose motivation to stick to the plans you've made or goals you've set

Back to the Basics is NOT for you if...

  • You don't want to find sustainable ways to stay organized  
  • You enjoy being stressed out and overcommitted  
  • You prefer distraction over productivity  
  • You like feeling as if your life is constant chaos  
  • You believe intentional living is lame and balance is boring

Allow me to answer your Q's


A: This is a self-paced course, meaning you can take your time go as quicky as you want. You also will have this course and all the updates for life, meaning, if you find yourself in the job search again, you can come back to the course.  


A: This is common. We address it directly in the modules and I give you tools and steps to make sure you are prepared to really make this stuff stick. Plus, the accountability of the community is SUPER helpful with this.  


A: 100%. Part of the process is digging deep into your current realities and natural resistance, and then positioning your choices and tmes in the most intentional way we can. Half the battle is not knowing where to start or what to do. This is why the step-by-step model is so pivotal. You don't have to guess with this and I guarantee you have what it takes to follow clear steps as I coach you through one day at a time.  


A: How valuable your time? This course can easily save you hours (if not days) worth of distraction each weekand allow you to really be productive as you remain committed to managable goals - not to mention the likely increased energy, focus, and determination you'll experience in your work, health, relationships, and more. The time alone you'll save yourself is worth the cost of this course.  


A: If you follow the step-by-step process and do the work, it will work you. What makes this plan different is that it's intentionally designed, laid out, and presented in such a way that it doesn't feel overwhelming. The tasks/toos are doable and effective in making lasting lifestyle changes.  

It worked for me and I'm the queen of overcommitting myself and I naturally stink at setting boundaries / avoiding distractions. These steps really helped me create sustainble change. This course includes everything you need to do the same (it is literally exactly what I did!).  


A: I want you feel fully supported along every part of your journey to a more disciplined life! That is why myself and my team answer questions inside the private Back to the Basics Bootcamp group each week! You'll also get support and help from other like-minded ladies who have taken the leap to simplify, streamline, and steward what matters most in their life, too!

Plus, you'll be backed by...

Back to the Basics Bootcamp gives you complete time management, organization, and disipline strategies, along with some of my very best tips and tricks that I’ve given to my students that are more productive and less stressed today. But if for some reason Bac to the Basics doesn’t work for you? Then, I’ll gladly give you a full refund within 30 days. 

Now, if you do end up requesting a refund, you’ll need to show me that you did the work by completing the worksheets, sharing pictures of your planner, tracking your time, and sending before and after photos of your environments. The information you’ll learn is important, but it won’t work, if you don’t put it into action. 

I want you to try my strategies and start seeing results. I am more than confident that this plan will work for you, just as it has for me and other. You just have to do the work (even if it takes you longer than 30 days to get through!)


Pay in Full & Save! 


(Save $19)




2x Monthly Payments


Flexible Option 



Each day for an entire month, you'll have a video lesson from me. Each lesson walks you through how to focus on a certain small or basic discipline you may have not been focusing on - and then assigns you tasks to begin reclaiming control and order over that space in your life.


Along with many of the modules daily video lesson, you’ll find additional resources such as checklists, routine builders, recipes, and worksheets with guided questions, templates, and more. The worksheets take the modules a step further by gving you tangible implementaton tools.


You weren't meant to do life alone and community is key to creating change and continued growth. So, when you enroll in the bootcamp, you'll be added to a private network full of tons of other women working to make positive, lasting change in their lives, too!


When you enroll, you'll get exclusive access to a Q & A video call with yours truly. This is the perfect tool to get all your most pressing questions asked and really prepare to tackle all the course material!  

This doesn't need to be hard.

This step by step resource will help you simplify your space, create consistent routine that lasts, and overcome overwhelm so you can get back to what matters most.

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