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I'm an Indiana girl who started a small Etsy shop side hustle in college and grew it into a nationally recognized personal brand. I love writing, educating, and raising chickens with my husband. I'm here to help other multi-passionate, ambitious women (like you!) own their everyday and reach their potential, too!

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SHE Podcast


Have you gone through something devastating? Are you walking through grief? Searching for your purpose and passion in the midst of pain?

In this episode, I bring on author, baker, TV personality, and friend, Emily Hutchinson, to share her powerful story of heartbreak and healing after the loss of a child.

In addition to an all around encouraging conversation, Emily dishes out some great baking tips for what she calls, “healing in the kitchen.” Not to be punny, but you’re in for a treat 😉 I mean look at these cookies –

Follow Emily here:

Turning Pain Into Passion For A Bigger Purpose

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SHE Podcast

Dating is hard.

But throw a few thousand miles between the relationship? Feels nearly impossible.

Sister, I’ve been there. When I was dating my now husband, Matt, we moved from being in the same city, to long distance, to being married and living together, to doing the long distance marriage thing for again awhile.

And let me tell ya – it wasn’t easy. Especially when we didn’t even see the next season of ‘distance’ in our future again.

While that season isn’t exactly one I’d wish back into my life – there are so many things I learned from that season that I now bring into my marriage.

If you’ve ever been far away from someone you love, you know, you have to be so much more intentional with your time and communication. And I’ll be honest, I can sometimes take for granted having the luxury of my husband living in the same house with me and slack on the intentionality of our conversations and date nights.

So there are definitely times that I will pull out tips and tricks to keep the relationship intimacy turned to a 10 that I learned during our long distance season.

And if anyone knows this journey of long distance dating, it’s my friend, author, podcaster, and non-scripted tv series star, Audrey Roloff.

Audrey began dating her now husband in a long distance relationship. The way they stayed in touch? Love letters. Yep, the long lost art of letter writing.

While this may sound like a story line out of a movie, Audrey is here to tell you that this can also become your reality. Listen in as Audrey chats through the struggles, the triumphs, and lessons learned from her time of long distance dating and how to

illuminate parts of your past to clear the way to dream up your future.

Sister, if you find yourself in a long distance relationship at the moment, we know the struggle. One piece of advice Audrey would give?

Find something to share in with your significant other.

Whether you both listen to the same podcast, read the same book, or cook the same meal and FaceTime while tasting your masterpiece – find something to share together.

We are rooting on you and your relationship over here! That is, if it’s a healthy one! Be sure to also listen in to find out the embarrassing, but extremely helpful, question my mom used to ask my boyfriends to help evaluate their character.

I can’t wait to see your long distance relationships flourish after listening to this episode!

Did you see the news about my book pre-sale freebies?! Check out the presale options here!!

Navigating Long Distance Relationships & Preparing for Marriage with Audrey Roloff

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SHE Podcast


Did you have an unhealthy view of marriage growing up?
                            Do you rely on the attention of men to fill you up?
                                                Do you ever feel that you are the worst wife on the face of the planet?


As I stepped into marriage with excitement in my heart and butterflies in my stomach, I was hit with a bit of harsh reality right away during these first, few years.

A reality that no one told me about ahead of time – but wished they had.

As ‘normal life’ began settle in after the big day, I began finding myself losing my cool one, too many times with my husband. And then I started to feel SO badly about myself. I began to think,

‘I know I’m the only one dealing with this. I can’t talk to anyone because they won’t understand.’

Turns out, I was wrong. I wasn’t the only one.

And neither are you.

And just to prove to you that you aren’t on an island out there in newlywed struggle land, I’ve brought in some back up for this episode. Meet my dear friend, Manda Carpenter. She’s an author, speaker, coach, and happens to be one of the most real and authentic people you’ll meet.

In this episode, Manda and I open up about the early years of marriage. How marriage is the best decision we’ve ever made – and also how we found ourselves struggling with what we assumed would magically go away once we had both those rings on our fingers.

Example? Manda keeps it real when she chats about how she still desired the attention of other men – even after the ceremony.

WOAH. Talk about some honesty. And relatability.

Because the truth is,

The lies that you believe before marriage, will also be the lies you believe after marriage.

So sister, strap up for this one. You’ll learn:

  • Why marriage didn’t solve your problems (actually, it probably magnified them),
  • Why marriage is so worth it even when it doesn’t feel like it,
  • How to keep your anger under control during arguments,


….and maybe even feel that you understand your man a bit more.

I wanted to have this conversation because I don’t know of anyone else that is. Newlywed years are hard, but so worth it. And we are here to remind you of that. And just how not alone you really are.

If you’d like more resources on how to strengthen and unify your marriage, listen in to this episode HERE and check out my New Wife Survival Guide here.

And if you desire full depth on these stories and more, be sure to pre-order my book here!

What No One Tells You About Your Newlywed Years with Manda Carpenter

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SHE Podcast

Have you ever felt torn between wanting to process through a problem, but not be gossipy about the situation in the meantime?

Do you worry that you’ll hurt feelings if you share frustrations with a third party, but then also be left without a resolution to the problem?

You’re not alone in this, sister.

It’s a fine line between problem solving and the sneaky, little thing called gossip. However, an answer can be found from asking yourself a few, honest, and hard-hitting questions.

First, always consider the environment in which you are speaking about the topic at hand – do these friends have a vested interest in solving the resolution?

Then continue on and ask yourself,

Does this conversation focus on the person or the problem?’

If you find the topic is the person, rather than the problem you’re trying to solve – then there may a problem with the conversation you’re having. Aka- gossip.

Friend, we were created to lift each other up and honor one another. And you are so capable of that – even in tough situations where gossip tries to take over. Never stop pursuing excellence in all of your conversations!



In today’s episode you’ll hear how I answer the question from a follower, Sophie, ‘How do I avoid gossip?’ In this Ask J series, you’ll learn:

  • Tools to identify gossip – before the words slip out and it’s too late!
  • How to shut down a conversation that is taking a turn down gossip lane;
  • The five questions to ask yourself before sharing your frustration with another friend.


Friendships are such an essential part of life, so check out these other episodes on identifying healthy friendships if you’d like more on this topic:

5 Ways to Know if Your Friendships are Healthy or Toxic
What To Do When Your Friend Makes Unhealthy Choices
Relationship Frustrations?

Share these episodes with those closest to you to lift each other up. Thank a friend today that you know always has your character and heart in mind with each word they speak.

And if you’re interested on how to not let gossip or the pressure of others get the way of making your mark in the world, check out my book, sister. You’ll find all this and more here.

How to Identify, Avoid and Shut Down Gossip

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SHE Podcast

Do you believe that you’ll just ‘know’ if you’re ready to be engaged?

If so, how?

Do you have a specific check list? A financial goal to attain first? Waiting for a feeling within that ‘moment’ when you’ll just ‘know’?

And if you ARE currently engaged, are you finding it difficult to steward that season well? To actually enjoy this season of engagement, rather just attempting to ‘hurry it up’ in order to get to the wedding day?

Sister, I FEEL YOU.

Matt and I had a 14-month long engagement – and let me tell you – that felt like FOREVER.

For me, this season included not just wedding planning. But also moving away from the familiarity of family to new cities. And figuring out careers, finances, and you know- the actual ‘real world’ after college.

If you’re finding yourself a bit lost in your emotions during the engagement – or ‘hope to be engaged soon’ – season, this episode is for you.

Tune in to this mash up ‘Dear J’ + Relationship series episode where I answer the questions:

  • How do I know if he’s the one?
  • How do I know if I’m ready for engagement?
  • How do I steward this season well?


You’ll hear my back story with my husband, one of my smack-you-in-the-face moments that affirmed my decision on Matt, and why it’s okay to mourn your single life before becoming a wife.

Friend, with each changing of relationship life season – single to dating; and pending fiancé to actual engagement; and ultimately, to wife status – you are allowed to acknowledge the good and honor the difficult in each season as you step into the next.

And want to know my one, nonfluctuating piece of advice?

Chase peace, not butterflies.

Listen in to fully understand what I mean from that statement and the one question that I believe is vital to ask yourself before accepting that ring that comes with a proposal.

And for all you already engaged gals out there – I know that this engagement period seems equally at a standstill as it does a quick blur. You’ll  learn how to soak up the season of being a fiancé before you forever put on the title of ‘wife.’

You only get this season once, sister. Squeeze out every moment of fiancé life, before this chapter turns into the next.

Trust me, you’ll want to know these things before this season comes to an end.

How To Know If He’s The One & If You’re Ready to Get Engaged

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SHE Podcast

Valentine’s Day.

What’s the first thing you feel when reading those words?

  • Excitement because you’re in a relationship?
  • Dread because you’re not?
  • Loneliness because it reminds you of past V-Days that were great, but things aren’t looking so promising this year?


Well, sister, no matter your perspective of V-Day currently, we’re going to shake things up a bit over here today. It’s time to embrace the red and pink and reclaim February 14th as a day to celebrate you and your friendships.

Okay, maybe you’re still sitting there like, ‘Yeah, sure J, what’s going to make it so great this year?’

Well, so glad you asked.

This year, we’re making V-Day all about focusing on our deepest relationships – and obviously I’m talking about the the ones with our girlfriends.

And to make sure I’ve covered all my bases, I’ve brought in some awesome back up for this special episode. In this Part 2 of our Relationship Series, you’ll be meeting Brighton Keller, fashion blogger, influencer, girl boss, and Galentine’s Day extraordinaire, in this Single Girl V-Day discussion.

She’s handing over her ultimate guide on throwing a rad Galentine’s Day with fun, creative, and nostalgic ways for you to make those memories (karaoke, anyone?!).

Call up your girls. Grab some ice-cream (or popcorn. Or cake. Or whatever it is that makes your heart skip a beat). And make this day about deepening and prioritizing friendships.

Put down the phone. Turn off Instagram Notifications. And this is your reminder that work can wait just one day while you stay present with your girls on the 14th.

Happy celebrating!

Did you miss the first episode in this Relationship Series? Check out the first episode on how to heal your heart after a break up!

Single Girl’s Guide to Making This Valentine’s Day Fun

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SHE Podcast



Ever found yourself sitting on the floor, listening to an emotional Taylor Swift song, and asking yourself, ‘What do I do with all this hurt?’

Oh, uhh, yeahh, me either.

Except of course that time when I was 15 and my heart was shattered into a million pieces.

Or the time in highschool when my closest friend and I weren’t exactly friends any more.

And then there was the time …

Okay, so perhaps I’ve been on that floor a time or two with hurt in my heart that felt like the weight of ten elephants.

And I’m guessing you’ve been there too, friend.

It’s a weird feeling when a relationship ends, but yet the world keeps on going. The anger, the sadness, and the explosion of confusion. Doesn’t everyone know that you need to stop and put life on pause for a few weeks while you gather the pieces of your broken heart to attempt to glue them back together again?

While work, and life, and jobs, and other relationships don’t exactly stop for you to heal up the hurt, there ARE ways to (semi) gracefully navigate the path of healing.

In this episode, I’ve put together my best Breakup 101 Tips to experience healing and begin for life to feel ‘normal’ again. Listen in to learn :

–         How to respond, not just react, to rejection and heartbreak,
–         What exactly it means to ‘validate with an expiration date’
–         Why your journal can handle your strong and conflicting emotions, and
–         How to feel the pain without giving it power to rule your life.

Sister, you were created for a purposeful life, not just a protected one. So feel your feelings, but know they aren’t your identity.

You’re not broken. You’re not damaged. You’re not stuck.

And don’t you dare begin to live a smaller or safer life to attempt to save yourself from another heartbreak. You have entirely too much to give and too many people to serve to play your life ‘safely.’

Now go cue up Taylor Swift’s Picture to Burn one more time, and then tune into this episode to begin your journey of healing after heartbreak.


Listen on Spotify here!


Breakups 101: Tips to Help a Broken Heart

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SHE Podcast

Do you ever feel like you are simply managing your life more than you are actually living it? With the many moving parts that you desire to maintain well from a household, to work, to relationships, and more- life can begin to feel complicated, chaotic, confusing…and down right cluttered.

That is, before you meet Jordan’s friend, Allie Casazza. Allie is the queen of simplifying through minimalism so you can clear the clutter to make space for a purposeful life. Allie is the host of The Purpose Show, creator of Your Uncluttered Home, and has been featured on the Today Show, Good Morning America, The Huffington Post and even ABC News. Girl knows what she’s talking about.

For those that feel all their time is sucked into cleaning, maintaining, and managing all of the ‘things’ that have accumulated in life – Allie is here to tell you it’s time to do some serious simplifying of your heart, mind, and home.

Listen in as Jordan and Allie discuss the power of minimalism, the clarity that awaits from simplifying your life, and what the root cause is behind this feeling of ‘constant maintenance.’ You’ll learn what Allie purged first after her minimalism epiphany, how the minimalist lifestyle can and should overflow into your relationships, and what it looks like to make space for those creative ideas cycling through your brain.

Girlfriend, if you’ve felt there’s not hope at the end of this cluttered tunnel, this episode has got you covered. It’s time to clear the clutter and create the intentional life you’ve been desiring.


Give this episode a listen on Spotify here!

And for you Android users, listen on Stitcher here!

How to Declutter Your Home & Heart with Allie Casazza

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Have you ever stopped yourself from asking a friend for a favor because you didn’t want to be a ‘burden’? Or how about something simple like texting a friend to catch up and grab coffee – do you find you hesitate before hitting ‘send’ because you question if it’ll just be a bother to them?

This is an all too common narrative that, most of the time, is made up in our own minds. We assume we are a burden, don’t ask for the help or send the text, and ultimately, hinder vulnerability in our relationships.

And it stops now.

In this episode, listen to Jordan’s hilarious story of the first time she identified this behavior in herself and why she was told, ‘Don’t be a blessing blocker.’

Listen in for tips on:

  • How to identify the root behind the fear of asking for help;
  • Tangible ways to decipher when to ask for support;
  • How to change the false narrative running in your head; and
  • Why others receive a gift in helping you.


If you’ve ever worried about being a burden, sister, this episode is for you. Time to kick off the shoes of insecurity and step into a community of freedom and support.

Give this episode a listen on Spotify here!

And for you Android users, listen on Stitcher here!

Have a friend that tends to hesitate to ask YOU for help – even when you’d love to offer your support?! Send them this episode and let them know they are loved!

What To Do When You Worry About Being a Bother

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Have you ever felt excluded or misunderstood? Do you find yourself hesitant to be vulnerable with others for fear of being judged or unwelcome? Do you desire authentic community and intentional conversation?

If so, you’re in the right place, friend.

We all desire to be known, understood, and loved – it’s what we were created for! But that can become messy when insecurity and comparison creep into the picture. Sound familiar?

In this episode, I chat through how the small business I started in college opened a doorway of intentional conversation with my sorority sisters. Dreams were exchanged and vulnerability shared, but when I began to blog about these conversations, I realized the insecurity among women was relatable to a much larger audience than I anticipated.

This led to the creation of my inclusive tagline, Your Brokenness is Welcome Here, and the response was incredible. Women from all walks of life found a piece of healing from the safety of these words, and hence – a space for women to come and belong was created.

In my very first podcast, I want to welcome you as you are, not as you think you ought to be. You’ll receive tangible tips and practical takeaways to navigate some of the most important areas of your life. Join the community and tackle the journey of life with a few laughs, embarrassing moments, and vulnerability along the way.

This is just the start of becoming the SHE you were always made to be.

Listen to the very first episode on Spotify here!

And on Stitcher here!

Your Brokenness is Welcome Here

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I'm Jordan Lee Dooley. I'm just a simple Indiana girl, writing, speaking, and handing out free hugs left and right. In college, I started a blog called SoulScripts, just for fun, and to speak life and truth into any peers that might have stumbled upon it. I never imagined it'd end up reaching hundreds of thousands, turn into books, speaking, and more. But hey, it's true: when you just say yes to God right where you are, He does more than you could ever ask or imagine. Let's help you find your yes and start walk in your gifting, too. Sound good?