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I'm an Indiana girl who started a small Etsy shop side hustle in college and grew it into a nationally recognized personal brand. I love writing, educating, and raising chickens with my husband. I'm here to help other multi-passionate, ambitious women (like you!) own their everyday and reach their potential, too!

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SHE Podcast

SHE Podcast


Hey girl, are you having trouble with patience as you work to gaining more experience in your career?

Are you trying to grow your career, but struggling with where you actually want to be?

Yeah? I get it.

In this episode, I am diving into the “millennial mindset” that you don’t have to work your way up, why we DON’T have to follow the status quo, and how we can show up even when we feel like we’re starting at 0.

Can’t wait for you to listen!

What To Do When You Feel Stuck In a Job You Don’t Love

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SHE Podcast


Just curious…

Do you struggle with finding the line between maintenance and vanity when it comes to your appearance and health?

Prefer not to confront conflict and shy away from hard conversations with friends?

A little tired of the participation trophy culture we live in?

Yeah? Me too.

And let me tell ya… you’re gonna want to put your big girl panties on for today’s podcast episode, girlfriend. 

I brought on my friend, Bianca Olthoff, author is Play With Fire and How to Have Your Life Not Suck (just released yesterday!), and MAN!! She is challenging us in all the best ways. 

My fave quote from the episode is, “If you are not dead, God is not done.”

If you are not dead, God is not done.

Bianca Olthoff

If you need a gentle but solid kick in the pants to help you get up, own the life God gave ya, and do the hard things, this is the Adulting 101 lesson they SHOULD be teaching in schools now days.


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Yes, You CAN Adult Today

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SHE Podcast


A few weeks ago, a friend texted me and asked if Matt and I had decided to join the group on an upcoming trip.

It was something we had been wanting to do but were still undecided on due to how busy and full of travel life has been for us this year!

Although this wasn’t a life-changing, career shifting decision by any means, her message still overwhelmed me because it reminded me of yet ANOTHER decision that needed to be made.

The last year or so of my life has been so full of making big decisions within my career and with my life, so the thought of adding another to the mix stressed me out than it would have on my own.

I responded back to her, “We haven’t decided. You?”

“Same here,” she said.

I breathed a sigh of relief and responded, “There are always so many decisions to be made…all the time! 😅”

“I knowww! I feel like I can’t keep up,” she said.

It was nice to know we were on the same page, and I told her I’d circle back once I got some other more pressing decisions made.

Needless to say, my life has been so full of big decisions.

For example, did you see the recent announcement I made? After meeting so many of you on book tour, I’ve finally decided to take action on what’s been on my heart to do since 2017 — SoulScripts is shifting into something completely new! Hearing your stories and requests and questions really affirmed that it’s time to make the move on what I’ve spent the last year praying and discerning.

Don’t worry, something new and so incredible is coming in its place this fall… and you won’t want to miss out on it!

You can hear more about that on this podcast episode.

Anyway, because my life is so full of big decisions, I’ve learned a lot in the process. So, in addition to sharing the exciting first part of a two part announcement (second half coming soon, stay tuned!), I’m sharing my 10 Best Tips for Confidently Making Big Decisions on the podcast.

It’s so important to be completely confident in your decisions because if you’re not confident in what you decide no one will be. Plus, without standing confidently in your decision, it’ll be more difficult to follow through on what you said you would do or what you know you need to do.

Why? Because the second you face any kind of resistance or negative feedback, you’re more likely to fold on that decision — or put off making it!

It’s so critical to have a guide for running our decisions through so we can take action with confidence and clarity.

In this episode, you’ll learn lessons when it comes to decision making such as:

  1. Listing Out Your Priorities and Acting Accordingly
  2. Why The Harder Choice is Sometimes the Better Choice
  3. How to Conduct an Analysis on Your Options

And so much more!

Get ready to kick overthinking to the curb and become the confident, decision making queen you want to be!

10 Tips to Making Big Decisions with Confidence

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SHE Podcast


Did you just move to a new city for that job opportunity you’ve been waiting years for but find that you’re struggling in the whole *making friends* department…

Creating like-minded community with a busy schedule in a new place or new season of life is HARD.

When Matt and I moved around multiple times our first year of marriage for his football career (Indiana to Arizona then back to Indiana), finding friends who shared our values and related to our season of life was like finding a needle in a haystack…

Or, maybe you’re a small business owner or work from home and tend to feel a little isolated, like you’re on an island and your friends don’t quite understand “what you do.”

Networking with others in your industry and connecting with people who GET YOU can be equally as hard.

Trust me, it’s been a struggle of mine, too. A lot of my work is very public yet the behind the scenes, internal business workings of a an online personal brand is tough for most people to understand and wrap their heads around.

One time my own Grandma even asked me, “Jord, do you work?”


Anyway, my point is, I get it, girl. Finding friendships that understand you and relate to you in the season you’re in are often easier said than done.

So, that’s why in this episode, I’m unpacking several of the lessons I’ve learned when it comes to effectively making friends and cultivating meaningful relationships without seeming desperate (even if you tooottallly are).

Specifically, I’m sharing a perspective you NEED to adopt ASAP as well as teaching you the following three key steps you can implement right away to start building new relationships effortlessly (instead of awkwardly):

  • The 10 Foot Rule – a principal to relationship building that my dad taught me when I was a kid. My dad has been well liked and respected by all sorts of different types of people. He does business coast to coast, and is the ultimate party host. His secret to making friends and influencing people? If someone is within 10 feet of you, you acknowledge them and say hello.
  • People love to talk about themselves. Ask conversational questions (vs yes/no questions) that invite someone you’ve met to tell a story or talk about themselves by beginning with the common ground of the context you’re in and digging deeper from there.
  • Offer value first. Rather than immediately trying to get someone to be your friend or support your business, think of a way you can offer value first! Did the girl you met in spin class happen to share she’s trying to start her website? Do you know a great web designer you could offer connecting her with? Did the woman you sat next to at book club or small group mention she’s looking for a babysitter when she has a work meeting next week? Could you offer to step in and help for those two hours? Adding value to someone’s life first positions you as someone who is supportive and intentional, without being overbearing or coming across as desperate for a friend.

I dive into each one of these steps in more detail in the episode! Tune in here!

This isn’t easy, especially from a comfort zone. Go out on a limb, I dare ya. Amazing things can happen!

Thank you to our sponsors!

Grove Collaborative – try it with our special offer at – use code SHE for 20% off your next home design!

3 Keys to Networking + Making Friends

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SHE Podcast


Trying to figure out what you’re passionate about? Or better yet, which of those passions you could turn into a career verses which are meant to be hobbies? Have you ever wished you had a mentor to help you navigate life and purpose only to realize finding a ‘mentor’ isn’t exactly as easy as going to the grocery store and picking your favorite off the shelf? 

Yeah, I hear you, girl.

Listen in to this episode as I bring on writer and entrepreneur, Darrah Brustein, whose known for saying, “design your life, build a business to fund it, and a network to support it.”

Pretty good, huh?

Darrah has built a 30,000 person networking company and writes for publications like Forbes, Thrive Global, Entrepreneur, and more.

Together, we’re sharing an unconventional way to ‘reverse engineer’ your passions, and even how to find mentorship to help you steward those passions in ways probably haven’t thought of before.

At the end of the episode, Darrah shared a great exercise to do to help you start finding which passions of yours are superpowers that could show you what to pursue as more than just a hobby!

Get the 9 Questions Exercise mentioned at the end of the episode!

Get your copy of Own Your Everyday here:

Thank you to our sponsor, LOLA! Give it a try at with the discount code SHE.

How to Find Your Passion

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SHE Podcast


You may have heard the common phrase that says, “Done is better than perfect.” 

In many ways, it holds a lot of truth.

When there’s something on our hearts or minds to start or do, it is generally better to take action rather than waiting around until everything is perfect to get started. If we try to wait until everything is “perfect,” we risk never actually taking action.

So, while the intent behind this phrase is good, and is generally true, I’m challenging you to think about this a little bit more critically when it comes to your craft and your work.

But if writing a national bestselling book taught me ANYTHING, it’s that really good art — and good work — takes time, discipline, diligence, perseverance, and prayer. It takes a commitment to excellence.

Then, a not-so-great experience with the dentist really challenged me to consider why applying the “done is better than perfect” mantra to all aspects of our work may not be wise, and a few key lessons we can all learn about the importance of diligence and excellence in our work, rather than rushed or careless action with the focus on simply getting things done.

More specifically, I cover 3 core lessons that I believe every ambitious, fast movin’ gal (like myself) needs to remember and apply every single time she puts her hand to something.

  1. Do it right the FIRST Time
  2. Don’t be so rushed that you compromise excellence
  3. Make honesty and integrity your focus

If you can do these three things, consistently and intentionally with whatever you do, whether you’re a dental hygienist, secretary, photographer, or six figure business owner, you’re not only going to earn the respect of your customers/clients or peers but I also believe you’ll work toward personal or professional goals with more purpose, and therefore, be more successful AND more satisfied with the process…even if it’s hard and even it’s not what you want to be doing long term.

Ready to up-level your discipline?

How to Prioritize Discipline and Excellence in a Fast Paced World

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SHE Podcast


Does chatting with your ideal audience feel difficult? Like you’re talking to an empty room? You’re most likely missing this one, key detail.

Has a guy ever asked you to marry him on the first date? I bet that wasn’t the next question you were expecting from me. But follow me here.

We all have those first date horror stories where you’re not on the same page or he’s way more invested than you are from the start. And it’s just down right uncomfortable. And a bit off putting. Can you relate?

Now I’m not saying you can’t fall fast for someone, but I am saying there are stages to a healthy, steady, and lasting relationship.

And this, my friend, is where my friend Angie Lee pointed out to me that dating relationships are synonymous to marketing. You don’t ask for their hand in marriage on the first date. And you don’t ask for the big sale in the first email.

Pretty smart, huh?

This is why I just KNEW bringing on Angie Lee to the podcast would be a home run. Angie is a marketing ninja, podcaster, conference creator, and business owner. And she has some stories to tell and wisdom to share.

In this episode, we dive into:

  • How to keep going for your dream when someone tries to rip it apart,
  • The steps Angie took when her first business did NOT make money (yikes),
  • Tips to grow an engaging audience online, and
  • What has to be larger than your fear to pursue your passion.

This is a kick butt episode that is jam packed with personal truths AND tangible steps to take toward your dream…today. I’m excited to share this with you because you’ll leave feeling confident in your goals and knowledgeable on tweaks to make in your marketing to tangibly reach those goals.

It’s time to let go of the fear, so you don’t live with regret. You’ve got this, sister.

Thank you to our SHE Podcast Supporter!

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How to Take Risks & Find Your Lane as a Multi-passionate Entrepreneur

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SHE Podcast

Let’s say you’re working towards a goal and out of (what feels like) nowhere – a different door opens. An opportunity arises. But it feels like a completely different mountain to climb. A new milestone. A new passion.

What do you do?

Do you walk through the door? Will you look crazy if you change direction? Does that even matter?

When you are multipassionate, you’re so not alone in your goals looking different from season to season. And to that I say:

Own that you are multipassionate and take risks with intentionality.

If this sounds at all similar to your inner dialogue, today’s episode is for you, sister.

Listen in as I bring on my friend, Mallory Ervin. She’s a YouTuber, Miss America Runner Up, three time veteran of the Amazing Race and now – a podcaster. She has impacted so many lives – but different seasons have brought different opportunities of impact for her. Which is why I knew she would be perfect to speak into this area of our lives.

Something she knows incredibly well is that one decision to try something, that doesn’t exactly make sense in the moment, can totally change the trajectory of your life. But you can’t let the sense of paralyzing perfection hinder you from taking that first step.

So ask yourself, Are you leaving space in your life for moments of change?

Sister, it’s time to leave the perfectionistic tendencies behind. The ones that keep us from moving forward. The thoughts that cycle in our minds as we process how others will view our direction changes.  Leave behind the fear of starting small. Or starting over.

Who knows what is waiting for you on top of the mountain that was meant for you.

How to Overcome Perfectionism As You Pursue Your Dreams

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SHE Podcast

Ever feel like your career or business take over your life?

I remember the moment I realized that a big meeting I had coming up was on the same day as my brother’s, college graduation. (Of course, right.)

I knew the meeting was important – but so was my brother. And what else do you do when when you don’t know what to do?

You call your mom. Naturally.

And her words have forever stuck with me. She was empathetic to busy seasons of work, and she also reminded me of this:

We do business for the sake of our relationship – not the other way around.

Our work is to provide and support other people – not simply for our own gain.

Game changing mindset right here.

So for all you ambitious and career driven gals – I see you. I am you. And I’m here to give you some pieces of wisdom that have strengthened my relationship with my husband and with my family – even during busy work seasons.

In today’s episode, I dive into the importance of finding something to share in with your spouse, intentional check ins, and the one word that may just change your relationships.

Check out the episode and let me know which tip was your favorite!

7 Ways to Prioritize Your Relationship Over Work

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SHE Podcast

Ever feel that your mind is stuck in perfection as the standard?

We can be inundated with these unrealistic expectations whether that’s from Instagram, or our friends, or simply our own personal narratives – and quite frankly – it’s down right scary when you feel stuck there.

I’ve hit burn out and exhaustion from trying to achieve one more thing, or strive for that level of perfection. And sister, if you can relate, I have something for you today. It doesn’t have to be this way, and it’s time feel fit in lives – physically, spiritually, and professionally.

In today’s, special episode I bring on a gal that I personally coached to help her find breakthrough in her health coaching business, Tanner Hobbes.

Tanner is a trailblazer in the health coaching community – bringing freedom and light into what can be an entangled place: a woman’s relationship with food and with herself.

Listen in as Tanner brings wisdom into the #1 emotional struggle she sees among the women in her groups, how she personally continued to grow her business, and also what to do when you hit complete burn out.

You’ll learn why it’s vital to

grow organically before electronically,

how stewardship is the name of the game, and perhaps where you are giving too much in your relationships.

Whether you’re the gal who is a business dreamer, the woman desiring community, the one who is hearing crickets on social media, or the sister who hit a wall in life or business – this episode is for you.

Want more resources? Check out Tanner here.

How to Stay Physically, Spiritually, and Professionally Fit

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I'm Jordan Lee Dooley. I'm just a simple Indiana girl, writing, speaking, and handing out free hugs left and right. In college, I started a blog called SoulScripts, just for fun, and to speak life and truth into any peers that might have stumbled upon it. I never imagined it'd end up reaching hundreds of thousands, turn into books, speaking, and more. But hey, it's true: when you just say yes to God right where you are, He does more than you could ever ask or imagine. Let's help you find your yes and start walk in your gifting, too. Sound good?