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I'm Jordan Lee Dooley. I'm just a simple Indiana girl, writing, speaking, and handing out free hugs left and right. In college, I started a small shop called SoulScripts, just for fun, and now it's a widely recognized brand, houses a full fledged movement (Your Brokenness is Welcome Here), and provides employment opportunities to college women working to fund their education. On top of that, it led to further creative endeavors like speaking, writing books, and creating a variety of resources to help everyday women across the to live their most intentional lives.

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Fear and anxiety stink.

There are a million, other ways to say that more eloquently – but that pretty much sums it up.

Fear and anxiety have the sneaky tendency to show up uninvited, try to grab hold of our hope, joy, happiness, and awareness, and then throw those things right the window. It makes overwhelm seem unbearable, it makes your chest tight and vision blurry (literally and figuratively), and even perhaps makes irrational and worst-case scenario thoughts run through your brain.

And the worst part? You feel that you are stuck like this. And alone in this.

Sound familiar?

But isn’t that the agenda of fear? To keep us small, stuck and hidden?

At least, those are the wise (and I’d say quite accurate) words of my friend, Kat Harris.

Kat Harris is a Brooklyn-based speaker, digital content creator, and female empowerment advocate. She loves Jesus, a good Beyoncé dance party, and has an affinity for Ranch dressing (don’t take it away from her!).  She is Co-Founder of online publication The Refined Woman and host of The Refined Collective Podcast. Her vision is for women to know their beauty, identity and value.

And boy, does she have some truths to share about overcoming fear and stepping back into joy.

Friend, if you have ever dealt with overwhelm or burnout, Kat and I are here to tell you that you aren’t alone in this fight. In this episode, Kat and I walk through some real and personal stories of our own journeys with this uninvited guest (ahem, anxiety) and the unfortunate times in our life it has reared its ugly head.

But our stories don’t end there, sister.

In case you need this truthful reminder today: Anxiety is NOT who you are. Anxiety is NOT your destiny.

It’s also not a badge of honor to wear around as proof of your ‘busyness’ in life. Busyness does not equal productivity. And anxiety does not prove importance.

Because even if your worst-case scenario happens, your identity doesn’t change.

In this episode, Kat and I share:

  • Our own experiences of overwork and overwhelm,
  • How we identify and tackle our fear narratives,
  • Tangible tips that help keep our feet on the ground when anxiety tries to strip our joy, and
  • Boundaries that we put in place to lead the joyful lives we were created for.

As Kat says, sometimes we don’t know the lies we are believing until we look at the results of our actions. Sister, kick the lies and start believing the truth that you are strong, enough, and a delight. If anxiety has ever been part of your story, know that you are not alone – even when you feel completely isolated. There is so much strength, courage, and freedom in reaching out and having someone walk beside you in this journey.

Kat and I are not professionals, but we do know what it’s like to be at the bottom of fear, and then taking the necessary steps back a life of feeling joy again. And you are absolutely made for that, too. There is hope, peace, and laughter to be shared.

And if you feel you are in need of some professional help, at the end of this episode, Kat shares a trusted counselor that has experience walking clients through the healing process of anxiety. You can find her information here:

If you are simply looking for a community of like-minded women who are sharing their journeys with one another, consider checking out Together. It’s a platform created for women to share encouragement and empathy through all aspects of life.

And sister, if anxiety hasn’t been a part of your story, you are blessed with protection and provision from these debilitating experiences and feelings (that’s worthy of some praise right there). However, I know firsthand how difficult it is to understand anxiety when you haven’t experienced it. When you listen to this episode, listen with empathetic eyes and ears to perhaps learn more deeply about a friend who experiences anxiety.

Sister, we love you. You are full of strength, beauty, value, and worthiness. We are in this together.


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An Open Conversation on Stress, Anxiety & Burnout With Kat Harris

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We kicked off 2019 with a hike around the mountain. ⁣⁣About halfway through a steep spot, my buns started to burn and Matt’s toes hurt in his shoes but we kept going. ⁣⁣
Then, I got to thinking: you know how we say faith can move mountains? But then how frustrating it is when you believe and hope and pray and trust and you still don’t see that mountain in your life move? I know how that feels. It’s something I’ve often wrestled with. I’m believing…why won’t the mountain move? are my prayers going to voicemail or something? ⁣⁣
Well, you know what I realized as I hiked this mountain today? The mountain seemed to move. Of course, it didn’t physically move. But before I started hiking, at the start of the trailhead, the mountain was this massive thing in front of me. Then, when we got around to the other side, step by step, rock by rock, it eventually was behind me. ⁣⁣

And I thought, “Hmmph. Isn’t that something? The mountain moved from before me to behind me because I MOVED. Because one small step after another added up.”⁣
Maybe that’s a way that faith can move mountains after all — because faith moves us. ⁣⁣
Sis, I don’t know what mountain you need to climb in 2019. It might be the the break up you just need to get over…the anxiety you want to overcome…the grudge you’ve been holding…the weight you’ve been trying to gain or lose…or something else. ⁣⁣
It might seem big and immovable but guess what? You are movable — let your faith move your feet this year. You really don’t climb a mountain in a day. It takes one little step at a time. ⁣⁣
You might not be able to move it but with a little faith and a whole lot of grit, you can move through it—even when it burns and you want to quit.

How to Tackle Your Biggest Mountains in 2019

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Listen here: She Podcast Episode 16: How to Declutter Your Home & Heart with Allie Casazza

Do you ever feel like you are simply managing your life more than you are actually living it? With the many moving parts that you desire to maintain well from a household, to work, to relationships, and more- life can begin to feel complicated, chaotic, confusing…and down right cluttered.

That is, before you meet Jordan’s friend, Allie Casazza. Allie is the queen of simplifying through minimalism so you can clear the clutter to make space for a purposeful life. Allie is the host of The Purpose Show, creator of Your Uncluttered Home, and has been featured on the Today Show, Good Morning America, The Huffington Post and even ABC News. Girl knows what she’s talking about.

For those that feel all their time is sucked into cleaning, maintaining, and managing all of the ‘things’ that have accumulated in life – Allie is here to tell you it’s time to do some serious simplifying of your heart, mind, and home.

Listen in as Jordan and Allie discuss the power of minimalism, the clarity that awaits from simplifying your life, and what the root cause is behind this feeling of ‘constant maintenance.’ You’ll learn what Allie purged first after her minimalism epiphany, how the minimalist lifestyle can and should overflow into your relationships, and what it looks like to make space for those creative ideas cycling through your brain.

Girlfriend, if you’ve felt there’s not hope at the end of this cluttered tunnel, this episode has got you covered. It’s time to clear the clutter and create the intentional life you’ve been desiring.


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How to Declutter Your Home & Heart with Allie Casazza

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I’ll be honest.

This past Sunday, I looked up 3-day cleanses to do before thanksgiving. Its been over five years since I really struggled with disordered eating but every now and then, especially around the holidays, I begin to overthink it a little. ⁣

I had full plans to eat suuuper clean (like more clean than normal) and workout extra hard every single day this week so I wouldn’t feel ‘guilty’ for what I ate on thanksgiving…and then yesterday morning I overslept and missed my workout and today was so crazy I didn’t remember to eat lunch and then ate whatever I could find by four o’clock. ⁣

Note to self: that is not a healthy way to roll.

Moreover, that mindset is a problem and I’m bringing it up because maybe you tend to do the same from time to time. ⁣

On a holiday dedicated to gratitude, I think far too many of us grumble about the imperfections we believe  our bodies have or how ‘this ruined our diet.’

And grumbling is the enemy of gratitude.

Perhaps we need a serious perspective shift.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about discipline and a healthy lifestyle but when it begins to become something I have to control and manipulate too closely, I have to check myself. ⁣

I invite you to take this as your gut check, too.

Personally, I know that to have a healthy perspective and not slip back into disordered eating, I need to be disciplined at all times, not just around a certain day. However, I don’t need to punish myself for partaking in a holiday, whether that punishment comes before or after the day itself. ⁣

So I’m just passing this on to you if you’ve at all struggled with body image or restrictive eating or binging or all three: Your worth is not in what you weigh and I know they say ‘you are what you eat.’ ⁣

But I’m here to say: No, sister, you’re actually not what you eat.

You are YOU, not the calories you consume.

Please, be thankful that you have a body to care for, as imperfect as you might think it is.

Take care of that one precious life you have, make healthy choices as consistently as you can, but don’t punish yourself for having a piece (or two) of pumpkin pie today, okay?

To Any Woman Feeling ‘Guilty’ for Eating Too Much on Thanksgiving

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Listen here: She Podcast Episode 11: How to Maximize Your Time by Automating Your Life w/ Jessica Turner

Your alarm goes off early on Monday morning and you’re up and at ‘em. Your feet hit the floor, you grab some coffee, and it’s time for the day to begin. What does your daily schedule look like next? Are you rushing to get ready? Running out the door with the kids? Speeding to get to work on time? While also trying to squeeze in time to swing by the grocery store, clean the house, and make dinner before 7pm?

Oh. There’s also a thing called quality time with loved ones and down time for yourself. But who has time to slow down for that, right?!

If this sounds anything like you, Jordan is here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way. Well, Jordan and Jessica that is. On this eye-opening episode, Jordan pulls in author, blogger, and award-winning marketing professional, Jessica Turner, to help lower the chaos and increase the mental clarity. Jessica walks you through tips and tricks on how to maximize your time by:

  • Automating life tasks to more easily manage your home;
  • Reducing the mental load taking up precious real estate in your brain;
  • Identifying what self-care looks like for each person in the family; and
  • Recognizing the ‘nice to dos’ versus the ‘need to dos’ in your life and family.


If you want to lose the rat race mentality and remain present during this holiday season, or any season for that matter, Jess and J are here to help. Implement these simple strategies and mindset shifts and get ready for the most intentional and relaxed holiday season yet.

Give this episode a listen on Spotify here!

And for you Android users, listen on Stitcher here!

How to Maximize Your Time by Automating Your Life w/ Jessica Turner

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Listen here: She Podcast Episode 9: Overwhelmed or Overcommitted? How to Prioritize with the Power of 3

Have you ever had that moment when you realized you’ve just said yes to yet another thing – when your schedule is ALREADY full?! You’re rushing around to complete your tasks and fulfill promises, but at some point, something has GOT to give. You’re holding one too many things, and it’s only a matter of time before something falls through the cracks…if it hasn’t already.

Been there. Done that. When you’re spinning that many plates, one is bound to drop, and commitments are bound to be broken.

So what next?! How do you prioritize, when everything seems like a priority?

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 (literally). In this episode, listen in as Jordan discusses how to streamline, manage, and prioritize the most important things in your life. You’ll learn the simple, yet extremely effective tip of segmenting your life into thirds and how by doing less, you’ll actually accomplish more.

So ask yourself, what is spilling over in your life because you’re carrying too much?

Sister, you were created to do great things, but not every thingStop compromising, start prioritizing. And begin to feel the joy and peace that comes from a reorganized and impactful lifestyle.


Give this episode a listen on Spotify here!

And for you Android users, listen on Stitcher here!

Overwhelmed or Overcommitted? How to Prioritize with the Power of 3

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Time Management

Listen here: She Podcast Episode 4: Practical Ways to Stay Active with a Crazy Schedule

Do you ever feel that you just don’t have enough time to work out? Maybe you schedule your workouts each week, but then they just don’t seem to happen? You desire to prioritize physical activity because it’s important to you, but how can you fit it in with all of the other responsibilities on the to do list?

I’ve been there. Good intentions, but not so good follow through.

If you’re desperate to find ways to sneak physical activity into your day, you’re in for a treat of work out tangibles, friend!

Listen in to learn six tips and tricks to strategically steward your body with a busy schedule. You’ll learn:

  • How to weave physical activity into your everyday activities
  • Why taking physical breaks and mental shifts can make you more productive
  • How you can squeeze in a work out anywhere – including on an airplane


Whether, you’re a student during finals, mom during soccer season, or employee that’s putting in the travel hours, you’ll find the way that is right for YOU to work those muscles during your busy day.

It IS possible for you to be a good friend, mom, and student all while keeping physical activity a priority. It just may take a bit of creativity!

Listen in here on Spotify!

And for those Android users, listen on Stitcher here!

Know someone with a full schedule that always chats about wanting to work out more? Send this episode to them and share these fun and effective work out tips! You’ll work that bootay and cultivate some funny stories along the way!

Practical Ways to Stay Active With a Crazy Schedule

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Listen here: She Podcast Episode 1: Your Brokenness is Welcome Here

Have you ever felt excluded or misunderstood? Do you find yourself hesitant to be vulnerable with others for fear of being judged or unwelcome? Do you desire authentic community and intentional conversation?

If so, you’re in the right place, friend.

We all desire to be known, understood, and loved – it’s what we were created for! But that can become messy when insecurity and comparison creep into the picture. Sound familiar?

In this episode, I chat through how the small business I started in college opened a doorway of intentional conversation with my sorority sisters. Dreams were exchanged and vulnerability shared, but when I began to blog about these conversations, I realized the insecurity among women was relatable to a much larger audience than I anticipated.

This led to the creation of my inclusive tagline, Your Brokenness is Welcome Here, and the response was incredible. Women from all walks of life found a piece of healing from the safety of these words, and hence – a space for women to come and belong was created.

In my very first podcast, I want to welcome you as you are, not as you think you ought to be. You’ll receive tangible tips and practical takeaways to navigate some of the most important areas of your life. Join the community and tackle the journey of life with a few laughs, embarrassing moments, and vulnerability along the way.

This is just the start of becoming the SHE you were always made to be.

Listen to the very first episode on Spotify here!

And on Stitcher here!

Your Brokenness is Welcome Here

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I call my inner critic Sally. Sally because she’s like a salamander that slithers in and tells me eeeevvverrrything that’s wrong with me.

When I let sally sneak into my ears I begin to hear her with the words that come out of my mouth. I pick apart how my arms look in photos. I say that I look less toned than last year. I say I need to lose this, fix that, whatever. And that only makes other people feel uncomfortable and it makes me feel small.

So, today I’m reminding all my sisters who may struggle with her own little inner Sally to fight back.

STOP CALLING YOURSELF FAT. Stop asking if those jeans make your butt look big. Stop making pointing out how weird your legs look in that photo. Stop picking your body apart in front of other women — it makes them feel uncomfortable, and often prompts them to wonder if perhaps they, too, should be analyzing how toned their arms are. Stop picking your body apart in front of yourself, too. That is no way to talk to yourself, sister.

If you wouldn’t say it to your friend, do not say it to yourself.

Seriously. Tell yourself to shut your mouth and go USE your body to love the world or help somebody else.

Take care of your body. But please do not for one more second believe that the parts you don’t like somehow make you less valuable than you’d be without them.

Own your worth. Be yourself. Go do something productive and shut your inner Sally up.

Silencing Your Inner Critic

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Time Management

When I was in college, I was a queen at scheduling, time management, and goal setting. My weeks were ordered around my class schedule.

Then, I graduated and life happened and I suddenly found myself juggling the role of soon to be wife, small business owner, and influencer.

And then we got married.

And moved five times in a year.

I became a pretty sucky friend and didn’t prioritize family time well. Every day felt a little less ordered and a little more chaotic. I’d work til all hours and considered it a win if I got real pants on in the morning.

Being basically a toddler at marriage, running a company that grew into a team of six, and navigating all that comes with moving several times is all a huge privilege but isn’t exactly easy.

And I burned out.

I would wake up with anxiety many mornings. The lack of order and consistency in my days robbed me of well…me.

About a month ago, I said ENOUGH is enough. Because yes although life was busy, my lack of discipline wasn’t life’s fault. It was mine.

Since then, I’ve been focusing on getting back to the basics.

Now, my weeks look really different already…with so much more space and structure. It’s not boring. It’s not even hard. It just takes a decision and incremental action.

If you’re feeling like your life is out of control, here’s one thing I’ve implemented into my weekly routine that has been LIFE CHANGING:

Every Sunday, I sit down and plan my week. I set my attainable personal, financial, spiritual, and physical goals. Then, build in the action steps I’ll take to achieve those attainable goals. Then, we BUILD in a way to celebrate what was accomplished that week with a Friday date night or weekend bonfire.

Planning not just to do important stuff or achieve goals but also to celebrate doing them sets me up for success because I’ve resolved to intentionally set important, yet attainable goals — and built in the time and action steps it takes to check those off ahead of time.

Where do you want to go this week, this month, this year?

How you prepare predicts if you’ll get there.

The #1 Thing that Will Help You Create a Consistent Weekly Routine

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I'm Jordan Lee Dooley. I'm just a simple Indiana girl, writing, speaking, and handing out free hugs left and right. In college, I started a blog called SoulScripts, just for fun, and to speak life and truth into any peers that might have stumbled upon it. I never imagined it'd end up reaching hundreds of thousands, turn into books, speaking, and more. But hey, it's true: when you just say yes to God right where you are, He does more than you could ever ask or imagine. Let's help you find your yes and start walk in your gifting, too. Sound good?