I help purpose-driven women build impactful businesses online

Several years ago, I walked into a super fancy interview and had a mini panic attack...because I realized the degree I was about to graduate with didn't exactly equal dream job. In fact, I disliked the corporate cubicles so much from just one interview that I wondered if I was on the wrong track all along...

But there I was, abou to graduate with a Healthcare Administration degree that I spent thousands of dollars on...and did not love. 

I felt STUCK. I invested so much time into this...would it be acceptable to just...drop it? 

I'm not the type to just quit that easily. I was only a handful of months away from graduating. So I decided to stick it out. However, in those few months, I had a milestone moment after a long talk with my Mom. She suggested that, before graduating, I intentionally explore some things I like and enjoy...just because. 

Well, that proved to be pivotal advice. During those few months, my small business was born...and with lots of trial and error, passion, and perseverance, it has blossomed into something not so small.

Now, I help other 20-something women who feel like I did.


Jordan’s coaching equipped me with the knowledge and resources to help me grow my online business. I was able to identify current problems I was facing, but also find practical solutions for them. I can now connect on a deeper level with my readers and my business has grown beyond what I thought it would ever be.

Ashley Bell, Fitness Coach, Influencer, and Fashion Blogger


Jordan’s passion for helping others scale their businesses in creative ways is insane. With her help, we've been connected with helpful resources, learned how to use game-changing software programs, and discovered some brilliant marketing ideas!

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff - TV Personalities, Social Media Influencers, Authors of A Love Letter Life, and Online Entreprenuers




I’m Jordan Lee Dooley.

I help 20-something, purpose-driven women build impactful businesses online. My coaching provides guidance so you can pinpoint problems you're facing, identify solutions and your strongest ideas, clarify your voice and your message, as well as create a sustainble strategy for growth.

God gave you gifts and put you on this planet for a purpose, sis. So, if you're looking for the clear guidance, a helping hand, and a kick in the pants to get the work done, you're in the right place! 

How I roll:

I believe in business casual - and by that I mean I do my best work with my hair in a top knot and in my favorite sweatpants. My clients are wives working toward a mission, women in their post grad years pursuing bigger dreams, and more. We may keep it casual but we get to work and kick booty over coffee from our kitchen tables. Sound like fun?

Women I Work With:

Currently, I only take a very limited number of clients at a time. I'm selective, precise, and will only work together if I believe we're a good fit. My coaching is not for gals who are just want help coming up with an idea, but to clarify the best next step. I'm looking for women with a passion for serving the world, with an idea we can shape and make stronger, and a skill she's identified and even implemented. I help the woman who's started her business, but just feeling a little stuck. 

Sound like you? Hit the button to see if I have any openings. 

*Group coaching programs opening soon*

The Investment:

I'm a busy gal. My time is really valuable. And so is yours. I don't take on commitments that don't add clear value to the world and I refuse to undervalue myself (and will get you to quit doing that). I also believe you're only going to put the work in with some skin in the game. My programs and coaching packages are meant to be accessible but not at all cheap. Because I don't believe what I offer is cheap, and that you have no right to skimp out on your dreams.