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Strategically Launch Your Best Ideas and Build a Sustainable Business Around Your Influence.

Hi 👋🏽 I’m Jordan Lee Dooley, and I help soul-centered authors, influencers, and coaches put strategy behind their creativity and community so they can: 

  • Find The Best Ways Monetize & Optimize Their Influence
  • Launch their Book, Podcast, Product, or Service with Ease
  • Grow Their Community & Scale their Business

I'm a nerd when it comes to strategizing and launching products, services, and brands. Over the last 6 years, I've built multiple community-based launch strategies to...

  • Launch a National Bestselling Book
  • Turn a blog into a profitable book business
  • Start & grow membership sites to over 5,000 members 
  • Launch a New Podcast into the Top 2 on the Top Charts 
  • Scale an Etsy shop into global movement and sweatshirt line (“Your Brokenness Is Welcome Here”)
  • And more... 

I've also had the honor of teaching my strategies on stages for brands like Kajabi, and have helped high performing influencers and bestselling authors clarify the best ways to create sustainable income around their influence, develop a launch strategy, and optimize the heck out of it. 

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What Others Are Saying

"Jordan Dooley is the best-kept secret of the marketing world. 

Everyone knows that Jordan is a gifted communicator. For years, hundreds of thousands of women have been inspired, and transformed by her authenticity, positivity, and practical life coaching. But what you might not know is that Jordan is a true genius when it comes to marketing and strategy.  

I had a meeting with Jordan and I shared a new project I was dreaming up. I had the idea, I had some of the content written, but I had no clue how to package it or sell it. In the span of 30 minutes, Jordan mapped out a structure that has revolutionized my business — making it so much easier for me to serve the women in my community, while also saving me so much time, and bringing in so much more revenue.  

Jordan taught me more about marketing in that half hour than I've been able to learn from countless books and online courses. And not only did she teach me the concepts, she applied them directly to my business so that I knew exactly what to do next. And her advice worked.  

Another time, I had a call with Jordan to get her help with the launch of a new prayer journal I had just created. In just ten minutes, she helped me nail down a launch strategy that ended up bringing in over 6-figures in a matter of weeks.  

For so many like me, we're authors because we love to write. We're content creators or coaches because we love the subjects we talk about and help others with. But when it comes to marketing our work, growing our brands, or turning our ideas into income, we're at a loss. 

We don't always think entrepreneurially about our content and so we end up waiting for other people to tell us where our next paycheck is coming from. But Jordan does things differently.  

In her own business, she's created incredible products and programs that have served hundreds of thousands of women, truly changing their lives. And in the process, Jordan has also been able to create multiple innovative revenue streams — affording her more control over her time and her income.

And I'm so grateful that one of her favorite things to do is to help the rest of us do the same. Jordan is the strategist you want in your corner. I'm so grateful to have her in mine."


Bestselling Author, Speaker, Podcaster, and Creator of the Love Your Single Life Course

Put Your Party Pants On

... We're about to use the content you already create, tap into beautiful community you've already built, and transform the ideas in your head into strategic offerings & sustainable income.

If you're ready to ... 

  • Develop a community-based, scalable business plan for your brand
  • Put together a strategic launch plan to deploy each key piece of that plan
  • Stand out in an over-saturated space 

... let's meet for a virtual coffee date. ;)

Let's work together, ya ya ya 🎶 

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