The SHE Podcast

S H E 

with Jordan Lee Dooley

A personal development podcast for the everyday woman (like you!)

Pull up a seat and be ready to cast the vision of the woman you are about to become. Join alongside author, speaker, and SHE-E-O, Jordan Dooley, as she invites you into your own story of confidence, intentionality, wisdom, and drive.  

In this show, Jordan covers actionable advice on cultivating healthy relationships, creating a successful brand and business, embracing body positivity, improving money management, and empowering your faith – all wrapped up with tailorable, tangible takeaways. Nothing is off the table from most embarrassing moments and difficult breakups, to practical success strategies and entrepreneurial life.  

Whether you are single or married, own your business or just starting in the work force – you have a place here.  

Come invited. Leave ignited. 



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Hey sista. I’m Jordan Lee Dooley.

I'm here to help multipassionate, purpose-driven women reach their potential. This podcast is meant to feel like a kick in the pants and chat with your best friend or big sis. 

At some point, maybe you’ve felt overwhelmed and under equipped - and just unsure of next steps to take. Whether it's a job, your health, a friendship or maybe all the above at the same time, sometimes the 'right' answers are difficult to find.  

I know I’ve been there. It’s confusing, and frustrating - and worst of all - lonely. And this is the exact space where I want to step in and meet you. Those everyday situations you'll inevitably encounter, but don't feel equipped to execute with grace.  

The direction of this podcast has been powerfully and intentionally discerned before it ever touched your ears. I hold it as such a high honor to have the opportunity to show up in your life – so I will continue to provide you with wisdom and knowledge – as well as hilarious stories – in the best way I can.  

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