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With a vision to one day stay at home with my family while still contributing financially, I started a small Etsy shop from a storage closet in college. Overtime, that small shop grew and evolved into a community for young women looking for practical tools to navigate life with grit, grace, and faith. So around here, you'll find resources and tools to help you steward your home, health, and work well.

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  1. Lauren says:

    I love this. I believe it’s all about balance. And education too when it comes to farming/agriculture. It’s easy to get sucked into media and false advertisement. I think the term “organic” however and “non-gMO” can be green washing terms in some ways as well. My husband works in agricultural, I’m a nurse. Unless someone fully understands what a GMO even is or sees some hands on farms that are “non GMO” it’s hard to judge products by those terms alone. I’m slowly learning how to simplify and stick to “cleaner” foods and products. But GMOs are not always the problem. Some highly effective seed can be more resistant to disease and severe fungus if it’s modified at the cellular level first. That way down the road (when the seed is growing) we don’t have to treat it with pesticide/herbicides to have a healthy plant (free from fungus/disease) without using chemicals. It’s still corn/bean/tomato etc. and still a natural seed being planted, just more tolerant of naturally fighting off disease). I would absolutely love to hear more specific ingredients listed to avoid on products and also the must avoid ingredients for a woman trying to conceive! When your journey is on and off again for multiple years finding a lifestyle to live more clean is so difficult for me. I have checked out your Instagram bubbles but more specifically would like ingredient lists for what to avoid in skincare and food. Also what PUFAS to avoid and other ingredients for hormone regulation! I want to be able to label read and identify those ingredients more effectively. Thank you for all your shared research so far!!

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