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Pull up a seat and get ready to cast the vision of the woman you are about to become. Packed with practical tips, expert insight, and inspiring stories, this top-rated, workshop-style podcast dishes out everything women need to know. Join alongside author, speaker, and SHE-E-O, Jordan Lee Dooley, as she invites you in your own story of intentionality, purpose, and success. 



a workshop!

Sift through an archive of episodes with experts in women's health, functional medicine and various other fields to nerd out over all the ways you can support your cycle, heal your skin, manage stress, and balance your hormones. 

How to Support Your Body & Hormones

How to Manage
Your Home & Money 

Tune into countless episodes that walk you through the art of hospitality, as well as show you how to cultivate a functional home and manage your money to become more financially savvy.

what you'll learn here: 

How to Find the
Right Career for You

Calling all multipassionates! These episodes are for you. If you have a thousand ideas, are stuck with un-figured-out dreams, or don't feel fulfilled in your work, tune in to our career-focused episodes learn how to find the right path for you

How to Support Your Body
and Balance Your Hormones

How to Manage Your Home and Finances Like a Boss

How to Find the Right Goals and Dreams for You

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I'm Jordan, but you can call me J.

I write books, have the time of my life hosting this podcast, and wear a lot of hats. I love Jesus, am unapologetically ambitious, coach from a Christian perspective, and nerd out over all things womanhood. If that sounds like your cup of tea, throw in your earbuds and hit play. I think you'll feel at home here.

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At some point, maybe you’ve felt overwhelmed or under equipped as you juggle everything on your plate.  As we're building families, establishing careers, and cultivating our homes, sometimes we find ourselves feeling stuck between chasing after our dreams and stewarding the most important things. This is where I want to step in and meet you with common sense advice, actionable tips, expert insight, and inspiring stories to help you care for your health and home while you steward your work well.

My obsession is helping ambitious women become the best steward they can possibly be while pursuing the kind of life they actually want.... one full of abundant purpose, fun, and peace. 

- Courtney

"SHE is my favorite! It's like listening to the advice, tips, and authentic conversations from the big sister I always wished I had."

Five Stars:

- Morgan

"Love listening to these episodes! I always take away at least 3 things I can apply to my everyday life!"

Five Stars:

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