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In college, I started a small Etsy shop and blog from the storage closet in my sorority house. A few years later, and through a very non-linear journey, that small Etsy shop grew into an internationally recognized sweatshirt brand & that little blog led to bestselling books and a publishing career. Now, I'm obsessed about helping other women uncover what they're made to do and take steps to make it happen, too.


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How to Name Your Blog or Podcast

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  1. Meg says:

    So good!! Thinking about starting a podcast for new nurses who have been in the profession less than 3 years. Less clinical material- more self care/ boundaries/ etc. launched a mentoring group last month. But can’t figure out a name for the podcast! Would love to do something nursery meets Pinterest. Lol. Like Roots and Rhythms (heart rhythms- get it?) Loved Guts and Grace but it’s taken. Or STAT inspiration????

  2. Katlin Manning says:

    Hi! I’m Katlin!
    I’m thinking of starting a blog, still trying to figure out what I want my blog to be based on. I know I want to inspire others, I’m just stuck right now. Any advice?

  3. Ashlynn Barber says:

    Can’t decide between “Ashlynn Monet” (my middle name), “Ashlynn Barber”, or “Ashlynn Monet Barber”. I am striving towards writing devotionals for women (from teens to young adults). A bit farther in the future, I want to be a public speaker speaking on the topics I touch on in the devotionals. I want to do a lot of the same things you are doing, but less focus on business or creative business education/coaching and more on other lifestyle topics, like marriage. I haven’t decided yet if I will be pursuing graphic design or photography yet, as my vehicle, but for either one, I know branding with my own name is probably best. My struggle is figuring out which of the 3 I mentioned sounds the best and rolls off the tongue the easiest… Of course, to myself, they all sound good haha! Thank you for this blog post!!!

  4. Love this!! I currently have a blog but am having issues with the site I’m using itself as well as just struggling with the theme I am aiming for. My purpose for this blog is to let women know that you need to take time to love who you are and make time for yourself. Self love is 100% necessary. Anyway, I hop I can figure out exactly what I want to do with it!

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