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Diet & Lifestyle Changes I’ve Made After My Miscarriage

  1. Laura says:

    I’ve been living ‘unconventionally clean’ for a year now and my energy levels are so much more improved (I never had fatigue issues but the difference is still noticeable!). I don’t get sugar dips every two hours – I used to get the shakes with low blood sugar and need a snack. I still have healthy snacks but it’s not needed in the same way. And my husband’s eczema has dramatically improved too. It’s tough to change everything and create new eating and buying habits at first, but so worth it in the long run.

  2. Jordan! I can’t tell you how much this has resonated with me. It’s so easy to get swamped in a sea of information overload but you’ve done a great job breaking it down. A lot of this is confirmation for me and your mama’s reminder is GREATLY appreciated! Thank you <3 Praying for you.

  3. Kassia says:

    Thank-you for sharing your journey Jordan, I can relate and feel that I am on a similar one! I’m encouraged by your faith and pray for grace as you make these changes!

  4. Drew says:

    I had to do some of this recently after getting off the pill and being diagnosed with insulin resistant PCOS. Girl the struggle is real! I’ve found some really good products though and would be more than happy to email you a more comprehensive list! It took months of trial and error to find products I like–especially makeup. I’ve found CoverFx has a good foundation, concealer, and powder I like better than Beautycounter. Burt’s bee’s has amazing cream and powder blushes that aren’t super expensive. Food can also be a struggle for gut health–I also have celiac disease so gluten is a no go for me too. Even though it can be a frustrating journey, know you’re not in it alone! Good luck with your health journey and I’ll be sending lots of prayers your way!

  5. Stephanie says:

    Hi Jordan <3
    Thank you for being such a strong and positive voice in your circumstances. So many women experience the same things but because it isn't mainstream to discuss they are left feeling alone.
    I have been on this journey you've started for two years now. My eyes were opened to the chemicals I was putting in my body and how those were having serious effects on my hormones. I have SO MUCH I have learned and hope you read this and can spread the knowledge.
    1. Check the EWG's Skin Deep database before purchasing skincare/makeup products. I go for products rated 1-2 and sometimes 3 (like my foundation– Crunchi brand)
    2. Check the EWG's regular website for household item safety. I have started using Branch Basics for cleaning products.
    3. Get colonics!! Find a good one in your area (or come to the DC area and go to LBN Colon Care– Mylene is AMAZING). Don't knock it till you try it 🙂 My nutritionist has me on a detox protocol for some gut infections I have and going to get colonics has helped me not feel like crap.
    4. Check your water!! We moved and I noticed our water smelled funny (smell your water compared to bottled water). We had a water test done and found some really bad stuff lurking in there. Even though we weren't drinking it your skin still absorbs the chemicals in it when you wash your face, shower, brush your teeth. We just had a whole house filter installed (Westinghouse, but Aquasana and PureEffects are great too)
    5. FOOD! I have been DFGF for 1.5 years and am hoping to start a DFGF foodie blog…it is in the works. Definitely try a round of Whole30 or AIP and do the reintroduction phase correctly (it is hard but so worth it) so you can learn of any other sensitivities
    6. Husbands…It has taken a while to get my husband on board with EVERYTHING. He has been supportive of course, but making changes to his own life has been slow going. His diet is still not wonderful (chips and gummies are a regular staple for him), but he's gotten a lot better and has noticed feeling better. He's a stinky guy and I have a strong nose, so he has started using the deodorant I make that is non-toxic and actually works so much better than store bought.

    Anyways, that was a lot, but I've been making these changes over the past couple years. Start with one thing, get it under your belt, then add another. It is so easy to get overwhelmed, but I am so grateful God has slowly introduced me to each of these. Ultimately God is in control and is bigger than our circumstance, but as we know more we should do better.
    Love you and are here if you have any questions about these things.

  6. Delaney says:

    As a registered dietitian, I would caution you from making so many drastic dietary changes, especially if your results regarding food allergies were from IgG testing. Unfortunately IgG blood tests cannot accurately identify food sensitivities or allergies and it can lead to individuals cutting out whole food groups from their diet. Instead, this test usually flags foods that you regularly eat as your body produces IgG antibodies after eating those foods. It is important that all people, especially women trying to get pregnant, consume adequate carbohydrates. This could come from fruit, starchy vegetables, grains, dairy, etc. Glucose is the main fuel source for the brain and central nervous system. For a healthy individual, we want 45-65% of calories to be from carbohydrates. It will be important to consume adequate carbohydrates (along with fat and protein too) in order to maintain your weight or even gain weight when trying to become pregnant.
    I have to be honest, there are some red flags from what this physician is telling you. For example, drinking 70 ounces of water per day is great, but ‘drinking it 30 minutes before consuming breakfast to “dextox” the body?’ Luckily our liver and kidneys do a great job of eliminating toxins from our bodies. Additionally, there is no scientific evidence to indicate that organic meat or produce would be more favorable or healthier than non-organic products. However, as a consumer, you can choose what you prefer.
    With that said, I agree with taking a daily probiotic and a multivitamin or prenatal vitamin containing methylated folic acid. I know your blog reaches a lot of women, and I would worry that others may follow advice that could do more harm than good. I commend you for trying to find the root of the cause for your miscarriage and hope you are able to find the answers you’re looking for related to underlying health issues. I wish you the best on your journey!

  7. Bethany says:

    I appreciate this post so much. I remember seeing your miscarriage post as I was pregnant and I thought “I can’t imagine.” Little did I know only a short time later I’d miscarry at 15 weeks pregnant. We decided to do the chromosomal testing and we learned our little girl had no abnormalities. Good news, but it has left me with a lot of guilt and so many questions. After working with a functional md, I learned I am allergic to gluten and after reading your post, It makes me feel less crazy that I have thought maybe it could have been tied to that. Your post has inspired me to keep trying to eliminate to keep a healthy gut. It’s SO HARD! Thanks for sharing your journey. Praying for you.

  8. Lorrie says:


    This is a beautifully written blog post that also made me think about some things. I have many of the same underlying conditions such as IBS that is something I need to think about when I get ready to plan on having children in the future so thank you for the amazing information. These are changes that I can make now to help me in the future. Making sure that I have a “healthy gut” is something I am struggling with daily.

    Thank you for sharing your journey, sending prayers!

  9. Lydia says:

    Thank you Jordan for sharing! It’s such a beautiful thing to have friends who go through these types of things together!

    I had a parasite, fatigue issues, gut issues, and hormone issues (all linked together) and wow it’s been a journey that started two years ago and I’m still working on healing my body from all the effects! I’m so much better, went clean and now, like you, am so passionate about it because I know so much better now the importance of food, rest, environment, and physical body care! Especially comforting that long term I’m helping my body be so much healthier!

    God is awesome and so so faithful through it all!

    PS. You probably already know about these but in case not and you’re still trying to find suggestions, these makeup companies are good clean ones overall: 100% Pure, Beauty Counter & Young Living. If that helps you at all! I know it can be a process of switching everything over!

  10. Bethany says:

    Hi Jordan! I just began reading your book Own Your Everyday! I want to thank you for sharing this information about your gluten allergy and miscarriage. I have a suspected gluten allergy also and I’ve been on a gluten free diet now since February. I noticed my stomach would hurt after eating things that contained a lot of bread. I had a kidney transplant last year because I had a genetic form of kidney disease. According to some things I’ve seen from doctors online, gluten may have actually been the cause of my kidney disease. My boyfriend plans to propose to me sometime next year and if it’s safe enough for us to have kids, that’s our plan. Your information was very helpful to me. I had no idea that gut issues could have such a big effect on pregnancy. I’m sorry for your loss
    but I’m happy that with God’s help and the help of the doctor things are figured out and you can now live a healthier life. ❤😊

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