4 Steps to Combat Stress and Anxiety (ft. Rebecca Lyons)

Ways to Combat Stress and Anxiety
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Do you struggle with anxiety? I see you, girl.

I get messages from listeners and readers ALL THE TIME requesting content that covers this topic so I thought I’d call in the expert, Rebekah Lyons.

Rebekah is an author and speaker that focuses the majority of her work on helping people overcome a struggle she became familiar after experiencing her first panic attack.

Before any teaching, Rebekah opens up about a relapse she experienced after thinking she had overcome it once and for all. I love that she shared this because it’s REAL.

We’re only human, and sometimes setbacks happen.

Think about it. How often have you heard about someone overcoming an obstacle in their life – anxiety or something else – and wondered how they just seemed to conquer it without any setbacks or relapses?  

You know what I’m talking about, right? You hear someone’s story and begin to compare yourself to them because based on what you can see, their life might just seem like a walk in the park now… and you’re still feeling like you’re stuck on the struggle bus? 

Yeah, I know that can be the downward spiral our brain can go into when we feel like we haven’t quite conquered a giant in our life.

And while Rebekah certainly HAS conquered this struggle in many ways, I was so grateful that she was just straight up and real about the fact that she had a setback and had to learn from it. 

However, Rebekah has been able to really combat anxiety by building in a framework for health and rest, and in this episode, she unpacks the framework for us.

If you’re a hustler, a doer, an achiever, or a busy and hardworking woman like me, you’re probably all too familiar with burn out.

When we get out of rhythm, our bodies can pay the price. Our friends and families can pay the price. The things that are ultimately most important ultimately end up paying the price.

And so, I asked Rebekah to walk us through the rhythms we can implement in our lives so that we can really begin a healing process from the inside out… even as we build our careers, chase our dreams, spin all the plates, and do all the things. 😉

I’ve included them below – what they are and how they work together to be a holistic healing in our lives.

The first two, rest and restore, are input rhythms. They are how you receive and how you get filled up. These are where you start from the inside out. Then, comes the output rhythms.

Rhythm 1: Rest 

This is a rhythm to care for your spiritual health. 

It includes building time to Sabbath and rest your soul – with daily quiet time, prayer, etc.

Rhythm 2: Restore 

This is a rhythm to care for your physical health. It includes exercise, fresh air, and playing. 

Yes, playing! You have permission to play!

Rhythm 3: Connect 

This is a rhythm to care for your relational health. It has everything to do with friendship, hospitality, physical touch, transparency, and vulnerability.

I love how Rebekah says, “Transparency is showing where you’ve been. Vulnerability is showing where you are.”

Rhythm 4: Create

This is a rhythm to care for your vocational health – your purpose.

In most this creative community, this is probably the one that most of you are killing it. Rebekah pointed out that it’s common for most people to have one rhythm that comes most naturally to them and that’s kind of their default.

While this is great, it can also indicate that the other three may be suffering a bit, which means that we may need to give some focus to those other three or the Create will not be able to be sustained. 

Understanding the Rhythms

Connect and Create are output rhythms. Once you’ve been filled, out of that abundance and overflow, you have something to offer to the world.

Rebekah sets these up in this order because they are building blocks. She explains that 4 out of 5 of us are having physical symptoms of stress because we don’t give ourselves permission to rest.

SHOOT. Isn’t that the truth?! I’m sheepishly raising my hand… guilty. 

So, let’s first give ourselves permission to take a nap, cool? 

Trust me when I say this episode is jam packed with value and tangible steps you can implement immediately. 

This conversation actually influenced my decision to restructure my entire calendar to be more rhythmic.

And you know what’s crazy? I’ve worked LESS and accomplished more. I’ve been MORE productive working and hustling LESS hours and taking a full day off each week. Crazy, huh?

Okay, your turn. I want to hear from you!

What do you think of these rhythms? 

How do you resolve to implement these into your lives?

PS. You can grab Rebekah’s book here.


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Hi, I'm Jordan.
& I Wear a lot of Hats.

I have an obsession with helping other ambitious, multi-passionate women succeed while ditching hustle and prioritizing their well-being. My days are spent writing books, hosting the SHE podcast, and creating resources rooted in biblical values to help you do just that. Glad you're here!

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