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I'm a national bestselling author (still feels weird to say!), keynote speaker, podcaster, and educator. In college, I started a small Etsy shop and blog from the storage closet in my sorority house. Fancy, I know. A few years later, that small Etsy shop grew into an internationally recognized sweatshirt brand & that dinky little blog led to bestselling books and publishing career. Now, I'm obsessed about helping other women pave their own path and work from home in their pajamas, too.


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What to Do When You Doubt You Have What It Takes

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  1. Caroline says:

    Loved reading this! I’m starting a blog that will officially go live in about a week. Every day I’ve been excited, but also filled with major self-doubt. But I’m just gonna try this and see where it takes me!

  2. Super encouraging! I’ve had a blog going for about 4.5 months tracking our infertility journey. Some days I question it and feel embarrassed. Today was one of those days so I needed this reminder that I’ve made progress because I started!

  3. B. Campbell says:

    I had a blog with a decent following a few years back. Went to a writing conference to pitch a book with a prominent Christian publisher and was told I had a great story, that they were extremely interested, but I had too few followers on social media. In fact, they said told me to grow my following, put out myself out there more, market myself, and maybe one day my book would be picked up. Self promotion has never been my thing . I walked away, my writing dried up, and eventually I closed my blog. I’ve lost all direction. My closest friends, family, and even random strangers who read some of my personal Instagram posts share that I am a good writer, but that feeling of not being enough, not feeling good enough because I only had such a small following…so hard. How can I can I market and promote myself when I don’t even believe in the ‘product’ I’m selling? So here I am, feeling that nudge to get back up and try again, but I am scared and overwhelmed to start at the very beginning again. Thanks for this article. It has stirred up some things to mull over with the Lord.

  4. Sydney says:

    This blog post was very encouraging! While I am not really pursuing to start any small business or website right now, I find this inspiring for other aspects of my life. As a senior in college, getting ready for the “real world,” your second point about tracking progress really stuck out to me. I have noticed that when I set goals for myself and then mess up or miss a day, I just give up. This “P” will help me keep up with and track progress over a longer period of time. So, when I mess up, I can just pick up where I left off and not just give up! Thanks for this inspo!

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