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I'm an Indiana girl who started a small Etsy shop side hustle in college and grew it into a nationally recognized personal brand. I love writing, educating, and raising chickens with my husband. I'm here to help other multi-passionate, ambitious women (like you!) own their everyday and reach their potential, too!



3 Pieces of Advice I’d Give Any Girl That’s Worried About Money

This past weekend we spent some great quality time together…reading for hours at the local coffee shop, a pumpkin patch run, and more. And today, as I meandered around the grocery store, I started reminiscing on this time of year when we first got married.

The summer before, I started a photography business. Partially because I’m the poster child of trying stuff that interests me but also because of fear. I knew he could be released from the Steelers by the time we got married and I wanted something stable but flexible to help bridge the gap.

By the time we got married, he had been released and I wasn’t making a consistent full time income from all my business endeavors yet. After the wedding, reality hit me and I panicked. How are we gonna pay bills?
It wasn’t the easiest foot to start marriage off on. I would have preferred to know we had a nice little nest egg or at least one of us had a stable job.

So I booked photo shoots to do for other people DURING our honeymoon. During that precious first week of marriage, I worked. I let fear of not having enough consume my mind and interrupt our first week together.

If I could go back to worried pre-married me hustling her butt off, or any other girl in a season similar to that, I’d tell her a couple things:

1. You go girl. Work hard and make your mark on the world. Just don’t lose your heart or stop trusting that God will provide along the way.

2. Never ever let money be the reason you don’t get married. Too many people wait to commit til they feel all their ducks are in a row…and miss out on the joy of the journey and the struggle together.

3. Never let money be the reason you neglect stewarding your current season, either. Never let the pressure to hustle steal you from being present in the place you’re in — even when it’s new and a little uncomfortable.

As a driven girl that believes in empowering other girls, I’m cheering your efforts on. I applaud you when you choose to show up and serve and do what you’ve gotta do to survive. However, I also want to be the friend that takes your hand and reminds you: It’ll all work out. You’ve just gotta be here now and believe that.

October 9, 2018

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