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I'm an Indiana girl who started a small Etsy shop side hustle in college and grew it into a nationally recognized personal brand. I love writing, educating, and raising chickens with my husband. I'm here to help other multi-passionate, ambitious women (like you!) own their everyday and reach their potential, too!



Breakups 101: Tips to Help a Broken Heart



Ever found yourself sitting on the floor, listening to an emotional Taylor Swift song, and asking yourself, ‘What do I do with all this hurt?’

Oh, uhh, yeahh, me either.

Except of course that time when I was 15 and my heart was shattered into a million pieces.

Or the time in highschool when my closest friend and I weren’t exactly friends any more.

And then there was the time …

Okay, so perhaps I’ve been on that floor a time or two with hurt in my heart that felt like the weight of ten elephants.

And I’m guessing you’ve been there too, friend.

It’s a weird feeling when a relationship ends, but yet the world keeps on going. The anger, the sadness, and the explosion of confusion. Doesn’t everyone know that you need to stop and put life on pause for a few weeks while you gather the pieces of your broken heart to attempt to glue them back together again?

While work, and life, and jobs, and other relationships don’t exactly stop for you to heal up the hurt, there ARE ways to (semi) gracefully navigate the path of healing.

In this episode, I’ve put together my best Breakup 101 Tips to experience healing and begin for life to feel ‘normal’ again. Listen in to learn :

–         How to respond, not just react, to rejection and heartbreak,
–         What exactly it means to ‘validate with an expiration date’
–         Why your journal can handle your strong and conflicting emotions, and
–         How to feel the pain without giving it power to rule your life.

Sister, you were created for a purposeful life, not just a protected one. So feel your feelings, but know they aren’t your identity.

You’re not broken. You’re not damaged. You’re not stuck.

And don’t you dare begin to live a smaller or safer life to attempt to save yourself from another heartbreak. You have entirely too much to give and too many people to serve to play your life ‘safely.’

Now go cue up Taylor Swift’s Picture to Burn one more time, and then tune into this episode to begin your journey of healing after heartbreak.


Listen on Spotify here!


February 6, 2019

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