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I'm an Indiana girl who started a small Etsy shop side hustle in college and grew it into a nationally recognized personal brand. I love writing, educating, and raising chickens with my husband. I'm here to help other multi-passionate, ambitious women (like you!) own their everyday and reach their potential, too!



How to Tackle Your Biggest Mountains in 2019

We kicked off 2019 with a hike around the mountain. ⁣⁣About halfway through a steep spot, my buns started to burn and Matt’s toes hurt in his shoes but we kept going. ⁣⁣
Then, I got to thinking: you know how we say faith can move mountains? But then how frustrating it is when you believe and hope and pray and trust and you still don’t see that mountain in your life move? I know how that feels. It’s something I’ve often wrestled with. I’m believing…why won’t the mountain move? are my prayers going to voicemail or something? ⁣⁣
Well, you know what I realized as I hiked this mountain today? The mountain seemed to move. Of course, it didn’t physically move. But before I started hiking, at the start of the trailhead, the mountain was this massive thing in front of me. Then, when we got around to the other side, step by step, rock by rock, it eventually was behind me. ⁣⁣

And I thought, “Hmmph. Isn’t that something? The mountain moved from before me to behind me because I MOVED. Because one small step after another added up.”⁣
Maybe that’s a way that faith can move mountains after all — because faith moves us. ⁣⁣
Sis, I don’t know what mountain you need to climb in 2019. It might be the the break up you just need to get over…the anxiety you want to overcome…the grudge you’ve been holding…the weight you’ve been trying to gain or lose…or something else. ⁣⁣
It might seem big and immovable but guess what? You are movable — let your faith move your feet this year. You really don’t climb a mountain in a day. It takes one little step at a time. ⁣⁣
You might not be able to move it but with a little faith and a whole lot of grit, you can move through it—even when it burns and you want to quit.

January 2, 2019

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