How to Decrease Inflammation and Heal With Food

Jordan talks with food blogger Molly Thompson about how to decrease inflammation in the body through food
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Does this sound familiar? You know you want to start eating healthier so you can prioritize your health and show up fully for your work, family, and community.

So you hop onto Google or Pinterest and start looking up what you should and shouldn’t eat. Before you know it, you’re 100 articles deep and everyone seems to be giving different advice. You don’t even know what to do anymore.

Do you eat the dang avocado or not?! 🥑

Trust me, I’ve been there too, friend. When I first set out on a journey to eat healthier, it was very overwhelming

That’s why I brought Molly Thompson onto the SHE podcast.

The Anti-Inflammatory Diet Made Simple

Molly Thompson is the author of the food blog What Molly Made and her new cookbook, The Anti-Inflammatory Diet Made Simple (I don’t know about you, but simple is what I need!).

While she always loved creating and sharing new recipes, Molly experienced a big shift in her approach to food in 2018 when she was diagnosed with PCOS. The more she researched and worked with a functional medical practitioner, the more she learned that food has the power to heal from the inside out.

And so she began the journey of eating anti-inflammatory foods, and seeing food as medicine. 

Through the power of food, she was able to heal her body and now she’s on a mission to use her recipes to help others overcome difficult diagnoses and feed their family delicious and healthy meals they actually look forward to eating (yes, please!).

And let me tell you, Molly brought 👏   the 👏   knowledge. She had so many great tips and suggestions that I know will be helpful for you too!

The Effect of Chronic Inflammation 

To understand why an anti-inflammatory diet even matters, first you need to know why inflammation in your body is such a big deal.

When you think of inflammation, you probably think of something like a mosquito bite that gets red and inflamed as your body does its job and your immune system responds. 

But we can get inflammation on the inside of our bodies as well. This inflammation can even be chronic and last a long period of time.

Chronic inflammation is a form of stress on our bodies and can lead to adrenal dysregulations, hormonal imbalances, and blood sugar dysregulations, which can turn into insulin resistance.

Even low-grade chronic inflammation can cause a host of issues that we often don’t realize are related to chronic inflammation (i.e. fatigue, acne, mood, eczema, brain fog, headaches, IBS, sleep issues, irregular cycles, etc.). 

We often think that these are isolated symptoms instead of all being related and rooted in inflammation.

Since food can be a major contributor to that inflammation, it can be really important to focus on eating anti-inflammatory foods that will help your body heal.

That’s exactly what Molly did to heal her PCOS. And luckily, she’s sharing her knowledge (and her favorite recipes) with you!

Learn More About Decreasing Inflammation In Your Body

If you’re wondering what anti-inflammatory meals actually look like, and if it’s possible to change your eating habits without losing your sanity (or disappointing your taste buds), then make sure you tune into this episode. 

You’ll learn:

  • What inflammation is and why it matters
  • What an anti-inflammatory diet looks like
  • Quick and easy anti-inflammatory Recipe ideas
  • The hardest part of changing what you eat (and how to overcome it)
  • Tips for choosing healthy options when eating out or traveling

And once you’ve listened, let us know in the comments: what’s one thing you’d like to try after hearing this episode?

Ready to jump in? You can find lots of Molly’s delicious recipes at What Molly Made, or grab her new cookbook, The Anti-Inflammatory Diet Made Simple.

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