How to Find and Become A Mentor

Lisa Bevere speaks on how to find and be a mentor
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Have you ever walked through a difficult or confusing season and wanted a mentor to just step in and say “I’ve walked through that before – here’s what I wish I had known at the time”?

Maybe you’re craving connection and support, or maybe you really need someone who’s ahead of you in the journey and can share their wisdom with you.

If that’s you, then you’re in the right place, girl!

I chatted with author Lisa Bevere on the podcast and we talked all about the beauty and the importance of mentorship. 

And holy Moses, didi she have a ton of wisdom and encouragement to share! 🔥


Cancer survivor and New York Times bestselling author Lisa Bevere has spent nearly three decades empowering women. 

Her latest book (Godmothers: Why You Need One, How To Be One) offers women a transformative vision for how to live in a way that embraces the godmother—the older, wiser woman who will partner with a younger woman to help navigate life’s ups and downs.

Lisa herself is an incredible mentor to other women. In fact, she’s encouraged me in my own life, and trust me when I say, she has some powerful wisdom to share with you on the podcast today!


Okay, so the first question you’re probably asking yourself… who can be a godmother, and what does that even look like?

Lisa explained that a godmother is an older woman who steps into your life and shares her wisdom and experience with you – while encouraging and supporting you through your difficult seasons.

Being a godmother isn’t about age as much as it’s about a journey. So ask yourself: who’s ahead of you on the journey?

Maybe you’re newly engaged or married. Think about someone you know who’s been married for a while and has walked that journey well. Got someone in mind? Well, friend, that person can serve as a mentor in your life!

A mentor, or a godmother, doesn’t have to be related to you (although they can be) and you can have more than one mentor. Plus, mentorship doesn’t need to be a super structured thing.

Ya don’t need to meet at the same time and place every week, with a list of specific questions to go through.

It’s really more about doing life together.

So, look for women who are ahead of you on the journey, who model the characteristics you want in your own life, and then live life with them – bake a pie, go for a walk, or serve together! 

Look for organic ways to spend time together and then soak up their (endless) wisdom.


During our conversation, Lisa and I talked quite a bit about the difference between going to a mentor or going to a peer.

While it’s important and valuable to have friends you can go to and share life with, a lot of the time your peers are walking through the same things you are and are still figuring out how to get through it.

They can walk beside you through the journey, but they can’t always show you how to get through it.

Sometimes you need someone who’s been through the same season, but is on the other side of it. Someone who can look at what you’re going through and give you wisdom for the road ahead.

That’s where a mentor comes in.

I’ll be honest though, there are times when you’re going through something painful and you just want to push out those who God is sending to speak into your life (yep, I’ve been there).

After my second miscarriage, I really didn’t want to hear anything spiritually helpful. I knew that a conversation with a mentor would break my walls down and honestly, I think I just got comfortable hiding behind those walls (ya feel me?).

But when I finally did speak with a mentor, I saw so much growth and healing begin. 

As much as you may want to hide behind your walls at times, it’s important to be open to people you trust, who are invested in your growth.


So if you’re craving connection, if you’re hoping for someone to come by your side and guide you, or if you’re going through a difficult season and you feel like there’s no purpose in your pain, then this episode is gonna speak to you.

Trust me, girl.

I personally think that everything Lisa shares should be put on a scroll and shared with women around the world (which, I guess is sort of the point of the book, but a scroll would still be way cooler, right?).

Anyways, go grab those headphones and tune into this episode. You’re gonna learn #allthethings, like:

  • What a godmother is and who can be one
  • The difference between mentors and peers
  • How to find a godmother in your life
  • What a mentorship relationship really looks like
  • What vulnerability actually looks like and who to be vulnerable with
  • How to be there with someone instead of there for someone

Once you’ve soaked all the wisdom in, let us know in the comments: What steps are you going to take today to connect with or find a mentor in your life?

P.S. Instead of hoping for an imaginary scroll with all of Lisa’s wise words written on it (as cool as that would be), you can just go and grab yourself a copy of her book right here. 

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