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How to Set Boundaries - Business Advice for Christian Women
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...and I wear a lot of hats. I have an obsession with helping other ambitious women achieve their dreams while ditching hustle and prioritizing their well-being. Around here, you'll find tips and tools to help you do just that!
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Do you think like a boss? Do you know how to set boundaries and focus on your personal priorities while still remaining a pleasant and generous human being who contributes to the world?

If you’re scratching your head or look a little bit like this emoji –> 🤷‍♀️ right now, welcome to the club.

I have been in your shoes, sister. It’s a tough thing to do!

Look, if you get stuck in your head, bogged down by lies like, “I don’t have enough time,” struggle with setting healthy boundaries, it’s time to learn the tools it takes to reframe your mind and think like a boss.

In this episode, I’m chatting with Kate Crocco, Psychotherapist, Female Confidence Coach and author of Thinking Like a Boss to help us do just that.

Trust me when I say that so that she gives us the gentle kick us in the pants we all need to uncover and overcome the lies holding us back from success.

Kate kicks off the conversation by sharing about the beginning of her business, and how that led to coaching women through their own journeys toward their dreams.

As she helped dozens of women start their businesses, she found a common theme:

“The number one thing I found through coaching all these women was that they didn’t get stuck because they didn’t have the business skills or didn’t know how to do things. It was their mindset holding them back.”

She continued, “I truly believe, if we’re in a good place with our mindset, we can accomplish anything in life.”

Simply put, this conversation is sure to help you fix your mindset, make a path forward, and move the needle in the direction you know you need to go.

Identify the Lies Holding You Back From Success

One of the first things I asked Kate to do was was to walk us through the lies that hold women back the most.

She listed out the 12 limiting beliefs women in business believe. They are as follows.

    1. I need to have it all together.
    2. I’m not ready to get started.
    3. I’m not qualified
    4. I’ll never have enough money.
    5. I need to say yes to every opportunity that comes my way.
    6. Making money is greedy.
    7. It’s already been done before.
    8. I can’t possibly have a successful business and be a good mom.
    9. I need my friend and family’s understanding in order to succeed
    10. I’m not capable of handling success.
    11. I don’t have enough time.
    12. I am my business.

So I’m curious: would you raise your hand to admit you’ve believed any of these? I know I would!

In addition to bringing to light some of the lies that trip us up, Kate pointed out something else. There’s a misconception that once we work through a lie, we will never struggle with it again. According to her, that’s the furthest thing from the truth.

You’re not a failure and there’s not something wrong with you if these lies continue to come up. If they continue to come up, it just means you’re moving forward.

Even if you’re struggling, take it as a good sign because it means you’re moving forward and not sitting still.

“You can just sit in your room all day and not do things that scare you,” Kate points out, “but you’re not going to move ahead.”

Talk about conviction, huh?

Bottom line here: when you identify and work through lie, that doesn’t mean it may come back up again. Rest assured that it’s okay to experience the lies you’ve believed in the past rearing their ugly head so long as you commit to challenging yourself and keep moving forward.

Step into the CEO Role of Your Life and Business

Then, I asked Kate another question.

“What does it look like to step into the CEO role of your life and business? How do we actually think like a boss?”

You guys, I loved her answer.

First, she said that one of the most common problems women face is not knowing what we want for our life. We may know what other people want for us – what our parents, our significant, or our friends want for us.

Therefore, that means we can only think like a box when we start there – at focusing in on what we want. From there, we have to make a decision.

Kate suggests saying the following out loud:

“Starting today I am going to do what I want to do. I’m going to accomplish what I want to accomplish. I will not allow the lies I believe or what other people think of me to hold me back from living this life as a boss.”

Um… HECK 👏 YES 👏

So this brought up another question… is it possible to be both humble AND think like a boss?

You Can Be Both Humble and a Boss

Am I the only one who wonders if this is possible?

Thankfully, Kate has a powerful answer to this one.

First, she cautions to be careful who you learn from in business. There’s a very popular notion that in order to succeed, we must be flashy and flaunt how much money we make to prove it.

There’s nothing further from the truth.

“In fact,” Kate says, “God convicted me on that and showed me that people can trust me without needing to know how much money I make.”

In other words, it is possible to be humble and show people what is possible through our actions. After all, actions and transformations speak louder than words.

In fact, I’ve personally learned that when you think like a boss, you can be unapologetically confident in what you have to offer because you know it works. You don’t need to be flashy or try to prove something.

As Kate puts it, “Confidence is quiet. Insecurity is loud.”

How to Set Boundaries

Do you want to learn everything you need to know about how to set healthy boundaries in your life, be a good steward, and operate like the CEO of your life that you were born to be?

Kate and I have your back, girl.

We’re breaking down why boundaries are so important, and how we can get our mindset right so you don’t keep pouring from an empty cup.   

Tune into this episode to learn:

  • The 12 limiting beliefs female business owners struggle with
  • How to set boundaries to thrive and why setting boundaries is biblical
  • Why being a boss and being humble are not contradictory
  • How to know the line between whether we don’t have time or if something just isn’t a priority to us

Grab a journal for this one, sister. You’re going to want to take some serious notes. 

After you’ve listened, let me know below: What was your top takeaway from this episode? How are you going to turn this insight into action?

If you’re ready to learn how to set boundaries and think like a boss (with humility and grace), grab Kate’s book, Thinking Like a Boss, here.

While you’re at it, pick up a copy of my book, Own Your Everyday (if you haven’t read it yet), too!

Here’s to you, boss!

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Hi, I'm Jordan.
& I Wear a lot of Hats.

I have an obsession with helping other ambitious, multi-passionate women succeed while ditching hustle and prioritizing their well-being. My days are spent writing books, hosting the SHE podcast, and creating resources rooted in biblical values to help you do just that. Glad you're here!

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