How to Overcome Perfectionism As You Pursue Your Dreams

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I'm Jordan!
...and I wear a lot of hats. I have an obsession with helping other ambitious women achieve their dreams while ditching hustle and prioritizing their well-being. Around here, you'll find tips and tools to help you do just that!
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Let’s say you’re working towards a goal and out of (what feels like) nowhere – a different door opens. An opportunity arises. But it feels like a completely different mountain to climb. A new milestone. A new passion.

What do you do?

Do you walk through the door? Will you look crazy if you change direction? Does that even matter?

When you are multipassionate, you’re so not alone in your goals looking different from season to season. And to that I say:

Own that you are multipassionate and take risks with intentionality.

If this sounds at all similar to your inner dialogue, today’s episode is for you, sister.

Listen in as I bring on my friend, Mallory Ervin. She’s a YouTuber, Miss America Runner Up, three time veteran of the Amazing Race and now – a podcaster. She has impacted so many lives – but different seasons have brought different opportunities of impact for her. Which is why I knew she would be perfect to speak into this area of our lives.

Something she knows incredibly well is that one decision to try something, that doesn’t exactly make sense in the moment, can totally change the trajectory of your life. But you can’t let the sense of paralyzing perfection hinder you from taking that first step.

So ask yourself, Are you leaving space in your life for moments of change?

Sister, it’s time to leave the perfectionistic tendencies behind. The ones that keep us from moving forward. The thoughts that cycle in our minds as we process how others will view our direction changes.  Leave behind the fear of starting small. Or starting over.

Who knows what is waiting for you on top of the mountain that was meant for you.

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Hi, I'm Jordan.
& I Wear a lot of Hats.

I have an obsession with helping other ambitious, multi-passionate women succeed while ditching hustle and prioritizing their well-being. My days are spent writing books, hosting the SHE podcast, and creating resources rooted in biblical values to help you do just that. Glad you're here!

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