When Life Gives You More Than You Can Handle

This image shows a desert full of cactus plants. In this episode, Jordan talks about what to do when life gives you more than you can handle.
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I'm a mama by birth and adoption after years of recurrent pregnancy loss with a passion for helping other women support their health and well-being on their motherhood journeys.
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When life doesn’t go how we thought it would, it can be difficult to navigate the tension between the hope and faith we have and the pain we are experiencing.

Sometimes it’s like the suffering we’re walking through doesn’t match up with how we thought our lives would go or the good God we serve.​​

How can we learn to trust God even when the outcomes aren’t what we hoped? And how can we lean into joy when our circumstances are far from happy?

Those aren’t easy questions to answer and, honestly, I don’t know if anyone has it fully figured out.

But when life gets hard, our challenges can become opportunities to lean in closer to God – and I had a great conversation about this with this week’s podcast guest!

In this episode of the SHE podcast, I speak with author Nicole Jacobsmeyer about how to walk in joy and faith when life seems to give you more than you can handle.

Meet Nicole

During a decade of trials – from assault and depression to miscarriage and cancer, Nicole began to ask the question many of us have thought at some point: is God giving me more than I can handle?

Her new book, Take Back Your Joy, offers readers a renewed sense of hope as well as reassurance that no one is alone in their sufferings.

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Tune in to this episode to learn:

    • The difference between happiness and joy and what they look like in difficult seasons
    • How to hold space for both positive and challenging emotions
    • The difference between a theology of glory and a theology of suffering and why it’s important to understand the difference
    • How being grounded in God’s Word can help us find joy
    • What to do when you experience deep pain and suffering that doesn’t match up with what they read in the Bible
    • How to support or comfort a friend who’s facing something really painful

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