Is Eating Healthy Killing You?

This image shows a bowl of oatmeal. In this episode, Jordan talks with Dr. Lauryn Lax about when eating healhty can actually cause harm.
I'm Jordan!
I'm a mama by birth and adoption after years of recurrent pregnancy loss with a passion for helping other women support their health and well-being on their motherhood journeys.
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Many of us want to be as healthy as we can and to support our bodies to the best of our abilities, so we try to choose healthier foods.

But somewhere along the way, we may start to cut out whole food groups that we think are unhealthy.

And maybe in the pursuit of health, we even start limiting calories or restricting foods further, worrying that food intolerances may be affecting us.

Before we know it, our diet has become severely restricted. Maybe we even start to develop a negative relationship with food, feeling stressed about our food choices.

The question becomes: at what point does eating healthy do more harm than good?

And how do we find the balance between choosing healthy options that nourish our body without being stressed or overly restrictive?

In this episode of the SHE podcast, I talk with clinical nutritionist and functional medicine practitioner Dr. Lauryn Lax about about when eating healthy actually causes harm.

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Tune in to learn:

    • Why following “healthy” diets or restricting foods in the name of health can lead to poor outcomes
    • What orthorexia is and how to recognize it
    • The importance of having food freedom and balance
    • What it looks like to eat healthy without being too restrictive
    • How dieting and overexercise affect our gut microbiome and hormones
    • Tips for how to address unhealthy mindsets around food or your body

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