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With a vision to one day stay at home with my family while still contributing financially, I started a small Etsy shop from a storage closet in college. Overtime, that small shop grew and evolved into a community for young women looking for practical tools to navigate life with grit, grace, and faith. So around here, you'll find resources and tools to help you steward your home, health, and work well.

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The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing a Book or Devotional

  1. Emily Walsh says:

    This is so helpful and perfect time. I am in the process of writing a children’s picture book called : In Search of Her, which is the name of my podcast. I will tie in a memoir of myself on a journey of grief, self-discovery, and finding ourselves through mindfulness. When I was 16 years old I lost my father unexpectedly. One month after graduating (at 24) I lost my step-father. I felt defeated, confused and questioned God wondering why two great men were taken from me. Over the years, I would do things that weren’t myself or in alignment to my purpose and calling. I would pursue college majors, jobs and some life decisions based on what ‘I thought they would want me to do’ but not what I truly wanted. At 25 years old, I did something for myself. I always wanted to travel, so I moved to Taiwan where I took a teaching job knowing nobody or leaving America. I thought by moving I would find myself and heal from the loss of my two fathers. would keep going to different places thinking: ‘This is it.’ Only to be more disappointed not feeling any different or having some sort of revelation or spiritual awakening. I would go to temples close my eyes, pray, meditate, and cry. Until one day, I realized that all of the answers I have been trying to find are within myself. I stopped searching for the next destination. Now it is my mission to teach others (especially women and young girls), the importance of mindfulness, listening to your inner child and voice, healing and that they don’t need to go far to find the answer, because it is within.

    If you know any information in writing a picture book that will be great!

  2. Grace Evans says:

    Hey girl! Thanks so much for sharing all of this! I’m planning to self-publish a book called Redefining Joy on Amazon in April! Just working on final steps!

  3. Ashley says:

    Thank you for this! Are these all e-books?

  4. Tessah says:

    NEEDED THIS!! Thank you so much, I love this!!

  5. I self-published a book called /Love Lasts/ last year in October, and I wish I’d read this beforehand. I definitely wish I’d waited to publish around February or this summer because like you said, it’s the more romantic months. And I wish I’d known how to market! I guess it’s never too late to start marketing. I could implement some marketing during this time somehow. Thanks for the tips! I’ll use them for my next book for sure.

  6. I am self-publishing my first devotional on May 17th called “Finding Yourself Again”! It is an 8-Week Devotional that is aimed to get the reader from a place or hurt to a place of healing.

    It is inspired through my own healing journey from when I lost my father and had to get through a tough relationship. I’m so excited for it to release.

  7. It was an immense pleasure reading your article I got to know so many tips and tricks that I was not aware earlier but now I have got a brighter and bigger vision.

  8. Sam says:

    You helped me so much as a writer’s conference newbie with the same advice you just wrote. And when I was a college journalism major, our prof told us the same for newspaper writing. Thanks!

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