2023 Black Friday Sales I’m Most Excited About

This image says "Black Friday Deals 2023" and shows pictures of items on sale, including Crunchi makeup, Rayvi electroylte powder, Truly Free detergent, AirDoctor air purifier, and Dreamland baby sleep sack.
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Ready for some major deals?

Can you believe it’s already that time of year again? Yep – Black Friday is back, which means all the deals you’ve been waiting for are just around the corner.

I like to use this time when everything’s on sale to stock up on some of my favorite non-toxic products! High-quality clean products can be a little pricier than conventional options, so this is the perfect time to take advantage of all the deals that are going on.

I put together a list of some of my faves, so you can check them out.

(First, a little disclaimer: while all this info was accurate when I wrote this, sales can change and I can’t promise that these lower prices will last!).


Skincare and Beauty Black Friday Deals

This image shows Crunchi foundation, primer, and brushes as well as Primally Pure deodorant and dry shampoo. These are part of the skincare and beauty Black Friday deals.

Skincare and personal care products are some of my favorites to share because it’s so important to find clean options that won’t flood your body with toxins. After all, your skin is your largest organ, so if you’re going to be putting makeup on or using lotions or deodorant day after day, we want to use the cleanest options we can find.


A lot of you know I absolutely LOVE Crunchi for their non-toxic makeup and skincare products. In fact, they’re hands-down my all-time favorite clean swap because not only are they some of the cleanest products out there, but they also perform like my old toxic faves!

Two of my favorite products, their primer and foundation are going to be on sale during their Pre-Black Friday sale (Nov 15-23). And their Black Friday sale will be on November 24th.

You’ll be able to shop these sales here!

Primally Pure

Primally Pure is another clean brand that I really enjoy. Their deodorant is the best clean deodorant I’ve found. While the vanilla scent is my favorite, they have something for everyone, including men. Matt likes their charcoal deodorant.

They also have a dry shampoo that you can check out, or if you’re feeling like some extra pampering, they have everything from face masks to body butter.

Check out their deals and use the code JORDAN10 to get an extra 10% off!


Home Black Friday Deals

This image shows a variety of home products, including Truly Free laundry detergent and AirDoctor air purifiers.

Your home is another great area to shop Black Friday deals – especially if you’re looking for some cleaner swaps.


When I started my clean living journey, I focused on slowly swapping out my products for cleaner options. Then I learned that indoor air quality is often significantly worse than outdoors and so I decided that the next thing I wanted to do was prioritize cleaner air in my home.

I bought a few different AirDoctor units during a sale last year and they’ve been of the best purchases I’ve made! We have them in our main living area, master bedroom, and both of the boys’ nurseries.

If you want to see my review of our AirDoctors, you can read it here.

AirDoctor has a huge Black Friday sale going from November 1st to December 6th. You can shop the sale here!

Truly Free

I’ve tried quite a few different clean laundry detergents, but Truly Free is definitely my favorite one! In addition to laundry detergent, they also have hand soap, cleaners, dish soap, and more.

Plus, you can set up a subscription and have it delivered to your door to make it even easier to choose cleaner products for your family.

Check out their Black Friday sales here!


Wellness Black Friday Deals

This image shows Rayvi mineral electrolyte powder and Jordan's Lifestyle Overhaul guide.

As a busy mama of two under 1, anything that helps me prioritize my health while saving me time is a win! Here are two items that will make your wellness and clean living journey so much simpler.


One of the best ways to nourish your body and help combat the toll stress takes on your system is to make sure you’re getting enough minerals in your diet. And when it comes to your health, something that a lot of people forget is that what you drink is just as important as what you eat!

While I love making homemade adrenal cocktails to get much-needed minerals in, let’s be honest. Sometimes I just don’t have the time or energy to make a homemade recipe. That’s why I love Rayvi.

Getting a mineral boost is as simple as adding the powder to some water. And, holy cow, the flavors are so good! My fave is the Hibiscus Mintberry. 😋

From November 19-27th, Rayvi is selling 3 bags for $80 plus free shipping. You can stock up here!

Lifestyle Overhaul Guide

Of course, I can’t share wellness resources without talking about the Lifestyle Overhaul guide that I created. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed trying to pursue a healthier lifestyle, this guide will take all of the stress out of it!

The guide walks you through how to create a wellness budget, a step-by-step process for swapping out your household products with cleaner options, brands I recommend for everything from shampoo to toothpaste, and tips on how to shorten your food chain and source food locally.

It includes pages where you can fill out your own plan and budget so you can easily refer to it time and time again.

And from November 19-27, the guide will be available for only $10 (AKA 80% off)! 

Grab yourself a copy here.


Parenting Black Friday Deals

This image shows various products from Dreamland Baby including their weighted sleep sack, blanket, pajamas, and bibs.

We’ve spent a lot of time learning about baby sleep this year! With two littles, anything that helps them get rest makes a huge difference for the whole family. Here’s one of my fave brands:


We tried Dreamland’s weighted sleep sack with Shep, and it helped him sleep so much better! I love the quality of their products and the fact that the sleep sack evenly distributes weight from the baby’s shoulders to toes, helping them to feel calm and secure (translation: they sleep a lot better!).

In addition to the weighted sleep sacks, they also have crib sheets, blankets, swaddled, bibs, and more.

I recommend this brand to all my mom friends!

You can shop their sale here!

Black Friday Deals on Amazon

This image shows a variety of non-toxic products from Amazon, including baby clothes, wipes, stain remover, baby snacks, and teething solutions.

Want to find more low-tox swaps + healthier options for beauty, home, and baby this season? I’ve curated some of my favorites and put them in my Amazon storefront.

From clean snacks and baby clothes to non-toxic cookware and books on wellness, you can shop it all right here.

As always, let me know in the comments what other content you want to see! 👇🏼

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