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This image shows Jordan playing with her two infant sons. This episode talks about how to support your family's immune health.

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LISTEN ON YOUR FAVE PLATFORM: APPLE | SPOTIFY It’s that time of year… the season of colds and flus and kids coming home sick! Throughout the school season and holiday travels, immune health is more important than ever. So the question is: what can we do to holistically support our family’s immune health? That’s what this […]


This image shows Jordan sitting on the floor and playing with her son. In this episode, Jordan talks about how to make the shift to a more holistic lifestyle.

4 Steps to Get Started with Holistic Living

LISTEN ON YOUR FAVE PLATFORM: APPLE | SPOTIFY So you want to make the shift to a more holistic and healthier lifestyle, but there’s one problem… You have no idea where even to start! Do you invest in an air purifier, swap out your beauty products, incorporate more whole foods, or add more movement to your […]


This image shows a woman kneeling to talk to her daughter. This episode explores how to help your child manage their mental health.

How to Help Your Child Manage Mental Health

LISTEN ON YOUR FAVE PLATFORM: APPLE | SPOTIFY More kids than ever are being diagnosed with mental health issues from anxiety to depression to ADHD. In fact, we are seeing the most pathologized and diagnosed generation of kids ever when it comes to mental health. Yet today’s guest will tell you that the mental health crisis […]


This image shows Jordan holding her newborn son. In this episode, she talks with a lactation consultant about how to navigate breastfeeding.

Your Guide to Navigating Breastfeeding

LISTEN ON YOUR FAVE PLATFORM: APPLE | SPOTIFY Breastfeeding is hard – no question about it! It’s not easy for everyone and it doesn’t come naturally for everyone. The truth is that it’s a full-time job and can be really hard even with all the right training. From latching issues to supply issues to the social […]


This image shows Jordan applying makeup. In this episode, Jordan shares her top non-toxic products.

My Top Non-Toxic Products

LISTEN ON YOUR FAVE PLATFORM: APPLE | SPOTIFY Raise your hand if this sounds familiar… 🙋🏻‍♀️ In the process of trying to live a cleaner lifestyle, you decide to start switching out personal care and household products with cleaner, non-toxic alternatives. But as you start, the overwhelm kicks in and all you can think is… “Where […]


This image shows a carton of eggs on a dining table. In this episode, Jordan talks with Annika Duden about how to nourish your body with real food.

How to Nourish Your Body with Real Food

LISTEN ON YOUR FAVE PLATFORM: APPLE | SPOTIFY In today’s society, “healthy eating” is often equated to eating more salads while cutting out gluten, dairy, and sugar. But are these trends really helping to nourish our bodies or are they causing us to eat less nutrient-dense real foods and instead consume more heavily processed, man-made, fake […]


This is a maternity photo of Jordan. It shows her in a dress, with one hand on her belly and the other holding a hat. In this episode, she talks to Dr. Mae Hughes about pelvic floor health.

Everything You Need to Know About Pelvic Floor Health

LISTEN ON YOUR FAVE PLATFORM: APPLE | SPOTIFY The term “pelvic floor health” has been thrown around a lot in the past few years and chances are that when you read or heard about it, there was a lot of talk about doing kegels. But did you know that kegels are not always the right way […]


This image shows an unmade bed. In this episode, Jordan talks about strategies to overcome stress and anxiety through soul care.

Overcome Stress Through Soul Care

LISTEN ON YOUR FAVE PLATFORM: APPLE | SPOTIFY When it comes to mental health, stress, and anxiety, we often talk about the need for self-care. But for believers, we can take things one step further by focusing on soul care and the usefulness of practices like Biblical mindfulness. But what is soul care exactly? And what […]


This image shows unlabeled beauty products. In this episode, Jordan talks with Lena Chao about how to navigate toxic chemicals in the beauty industry.

How to Navigate Toxic Chemicals in the Beauty Industry

LISTEN ON YOUR FAVE PLATFORM: APPLE | SPOTIFY As consumers, it can be overwhelming to make conscious decisions about the types of companies we want to support. We want to give our business to companies that create clean and effective products AND support our values. But how do you know what to look for? The beauty […]


This image shows Jordan, pregnant, walking on the beach for her maternity photo. In this episode, she shares about her fertility journey and reproductive immunology.

Fertility, Reproductive Immunology, and What I Did Differently in My Successful Pregnancy

LISTEN ON YOUR FAVE PLATFORM: APPLE | SPOTIFY | STITCHER If you’ve ever had to walk through recurrent pregnancy loss or infertility, you know how overwhelming it can be to figure out what doctors to see, what to test for, and what treatments to try. And, unfortunately, many women also experience doctors who gaslight them or insurance companies […]


This image shows a baby trying new foods through holistic baby-led weaning.

Your Guide to Holistic Baby-Led Weaning

LISTEN ON YOUR FAVE PLATFORM: APPLE | SPOTIFY | STITCHER Did you know that in the U.S., 1 in 2 children have at least one chronic health condition? Being intentional in the food we give our children, especially in their first few years of life, can play a huge role in supporting their gut health, metabolism, and immune […]


This image shows a woman preparing healthy food. This episode explores functional nutrition tips for the busy mom.

Functional Nutrition for the Busy Mom

LISTEN ON YOUR FAVE PLATFORM: APPLE | SPOTIFY | STITCHER Have you ever heard “workout more and eat less” or “less calories in and more calories out”? Maybe you’ve been taught to think that fat and red meats are unhealthy, carbs are evil, and skipping meals will help you. But much of this advice can actually work against […]


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