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I'm an Indiana girl who started a small Etsy shop side hustle in college and grew it into a nationally recognized personal brand. I love writing, educating, and raising chickens with my husband. I'm here to help other multi-passionate, ambitious women (like you!) own their everyday and reach their potential, too!


Blogging Tips, Branding and Business Advice

If you told someone ten years ago that you were a blogger, most would look at you with an eyebrow raised, perplexed by what that actually meant… and wondering if you pay your bills.  The blogging world has evolved a lot over the years, and many bloggers, myself included, have been able to get their […]

5 Tips for Bloggers Aspiring to Become Authors

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Everyday Advice

LISTEN ON YOUR FAVE PLATFORM NOW: APPLE | SPOTIFY | STITCHER We hear about how certain foods and products can affect our health but what practical changes or steps can we take to improve what we’re putting on or in our bodies right now? Since I’m not an expert on this, I brought on a reader in my community, who […]

How Your Diet Affects Your Mental Health

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Social Media Tips

Is your engagement down? Are you annoyed with the algorithm? You’re not the only one.  Even with the best strategies, I don’t think any of us are completely immune to the fact that social media apps like Instagram are becoming more and more of a “Pay to Play” space, which makes organic engagement a little […]

5 Steps to Increase Your Engagement on Your Instagram Posts

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The Dooley's

LISTEN ON YOUR FAVE PLATFORM NOW: APPLE | SPOTIFY | STITCHER Disclaimer: I do not share this story for sympathy. I share it to raise awareness, help a mama who may be walking through this alone, and in hopes of changing the societial stigma around unborn children and miscarriage. Just over a month ago, we lost our first baby at […]

Navigating Miscarriage: Our Pregnancy Loss Story

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Branding and Business Advice

LISTEN ON YOUR FAVE PLATFORM NOW: APPLE | SPOTIFY | STITCHER I know I’ve shared a lot more about business over the last year or so. ⁣⁣And I’m often asked if I’m going to just neglect talking about faith, family, and relationships — the subjects a lot of my content focused on for years. When I was first asked that […]

4 Lessons I’ve Learned as a Believer and Business Owner

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Branding and Business Advice

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You used to love, and I mean LOVE, photography. You’d take pictures of everything and if money were no object, you’d have done it for free for the rest of your life. You know what that’s like don’t you? The rush of finding a creative outlet and the pure […]

How to Get Back Into Something You Loved After Burn Out

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Everyday Advice

LISTEN ON YOUR FAVE PLATFORM NOW: APPLE | SPOTIFY | STITCHER Do you ever feel outnumbered in your industry? Ever been told, “You’re good for a girl…” Maybe it’s something else.  I often get questions about how to navigate this kind of thing, and while I’d love to speak into it on my own, I thought it’d be fun to […]

How to Hold On To Your Values in Your Workplace

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Branding and Business Advice, Social Media Tips

So you just decided to start your own creative business. You’re excited to get your work out into the world in a more “professional” way than the occasional photos on your social media feed. You even have your website up and running and you’re ready to get some clients. And you miiiiight be wondering if […]

How to Know If You Should Create a Separate Business Instagram Page

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Branding and Business Advice

LISTEN ON YOUR FAVE PLATFORM NOW: APPLE | SPOTIFY | STITCHER OOF. Nothing, and I mean nothing, is worse than running out of all creative inspiration as a creative entrepreneur. I mean, really, I’d rather hang by my toenails. Maybe you’ve experienced those creative blocks, too. Where you stare at your screen or your sit in your office with literally […]

How to Get Re-Inspired When You’re In a Funk

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Branding and Business Advice, Publishing Tips

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you and I could hop on the phone for a coaching call? Ugh I wish.  If there were more hours in the day, I’d love to hop on coaching calls with every single one of the women in this community and answer all your burning questions. Sadly, there’s a limit […]

How to Pick a Niche as a MultiPassionate Creative Writer

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I'm Jordan Lee Dooley. I'm just a simple Indiana girl, writing, speaking, running a small business, and handing out free hugs left and right.