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This image shows a woman holding a cup of coffee on a couch. In this episode, Jordan talks with author Jess Connolly about the importance of rest.

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LISTEN ON YOUR FAVE PLATFORM: APPLE | SPOTIFY Are you tired of feeling tired? Whether spiritually, emotionally, or mentally, constantly fighting fatigue or exhaustion can be overwhelming. Maybe you’re trying to juggle a million things and your calendar is full. Maybe you feel like you’re carrying a mental weight because there’s a list of things you […]


This image shows Jordan's husband Matt giving her a piggy back ride in the desert.

How to Quiet Outside Voices and Discover What’s Best for YOU

LISTEN ON YOUR FAVE PLATFORM: APPLE | SPOTIFY Did you know that 80% of life’s biggest decisions happen between the ages of 25 and 35? Decisions like who to marry, what job you want, where to work, where to live, and if you want to have kids are all part of this packed season. Author Stephanie […]


This image shows Jordan and her husband Matt standing in the middle of a road, holding hands. This episode talks about the hardest lesson Jordan learned on her fertility journey.

The Hardest Lesson I Learned on My Fertility Journey

LISTEN ON YOUR FAVE PLATFORM: APPLE | SPOTIFY Fertility journeys can be painfully difficult to navigate, whether you’re facing infertility, experiencing recurrent miscarriage, or walking through adoption. Between endless doctor visits, sad holidays, the difficulty of seeing others have kids, grief, and countless negative tests, the journey is heavy. The uncertainty causes you to ask yourself […]


This image shows a woman sitting on the beach, looking out at the water. This episode explores how to untangle your emotions.

How to Untangle Your Emotions

LISTEN ON YOUR FAVE PLATFORM: APPLE | SPOTIFY Have you ever heard the phrase “don’t let your emotions get the best of you”? While it may feel more comfortable to try and stuff our feelings away and push through, what would it look like to actually feel our emotions and find healing? We could all probably […]


This image shows Jordan and her husband Matt holding hands while walking through the desert.

10 Ways to Make the Most of Your Waiting Season

LISTEN ON YOUR FAVE PLATFORM: APPLE | SPOTIFY We often have seasons in our lives that are full of waiting – whether we’re waiting for a spouse, a child, healing, a job, or something else. Waiting for the things we want most, uncertain if it will ever happen for us, can make us feel stuck, discouraged, […]


This image shows a woman preparing for a meeting in a conference room. This episode explores the sacredness of secular work.

The Sacredness of Secular Work

LISTEN ON YOUR FAVE PLATFORM: APPLE | SPOTIFY Does your work matter for eternity? Many people don’t believe so, or they think that the only time their work has eternal significance is when they are actively evangelizing. But that’s not what the Bible says. While sharing the Gospel is an essential part of being a Christian, […]


This image shows a women smelling a flower. This episode talks about how to build a resilient life.

How to Build a Resilient Life

LISTEN ON YOUR FAVE PLATFORM: APPLE | SPOTIFY Life is hard – for so many different reasons. And while it can be tempting to try to get through the pain or fear ASAP, we have an important choice ahead of us. Do we let adversity feed our stress and fear and cause us to break, or […]


This image shows a pregnant belly. This episode talks about how the church can help support women with unplanned pregnancies.

The Church, Women, and Unplanned Pregnancies

LISTEN ON YOUR FAVE PLATFORM: APPLE | SPOTIFY So many women who face unplanned pregnancies feel like the church is the last place they can go to for help, whether they are afraid of being judged or they feel there will be no support for them. While the church may be pro-life and has the power […]


This image shows a woman arranging a bouquet of flowers. In this episode, author Grace Wabuke Klein talks about flourishing in any season of life.

Keys to Flourish in Every Season of Life (Ft. Grace Wabuke Klein)

LISTEN ON YOUR FAVE PLATFORM: APPLE | SPOTIFY Is it possible to flourish in the middle of the unknown and unexpected seasons of life? And what would that even look like? Those are the questions we’re asking in this episode of SHE. I talk with author Grace Wabuke Klein about how to find purpose in every […]


This image shows a woman's hat leaning against a bag. In this episode, Jordan talks with author Nicki Koziarz about how to navigate life's in-between seasons.

Finding Strength in Life’s In-Between Seasons

LISTEN ON YOUR FAVE PLATFORM: APPLE | SPOTIFY Have you ever felt unsettled in life, or felt like things aren’t how they’re supposed to be? Maybe you feel lost in a season of transition or you feel discouraged by a long season of waiting. While we don’t talk about it a lot, these feelings are common […]


This image shows two women having coffee together. In this episode, Jordan talks with author Rachael Adams about how everyday moments make a big difference.

How Everyday Moments Make a Big Difference

LISTEN ON YOUR FAVE PLATFORM: APPLE | SPOTIFY Have you ever felt like your contributions don’t matter all that much? Maybe you’re knee-deep in loads of laundry or dishes in the sink, and it seems like the only thing you’ve done today is answer a couple of emails or feed your kids. Or maybe you tend […]


This image shows an unmade bed. In this episode, Jordan talks about strategies to overcome stress and anxiety through soul care.

Overcome Stress Through Soul Care

LISTEN ON YOUR FAVE PLATFORM: APPLE | SPOTIFY When it comes to mental health, stress, and anxiety, we often talk about the need for self-care. But for believers, we can take things one step further by focusing on soul care and the usefulness of practices like Biblical mindfulness. But what is soul care exactly? And what […]


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